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Stories of Civilians project

Implementation year: 2019

Rinat Akhmetov: We Shall Help. Stories of Civilians is a series of video stories of civilians victimized by armed conflict. These are their personal stories, but behind them is the fate of the entire Donbas region.

The heroes of these videos are Donbas civilians whom the Rinat Akhmetov Foundation came to help in the difficult time. In their monologues, they recalled the moment which changed their lives forever, and spoke about what was next…

Stories of Civilians project is the chance to preserve the stories of people victimized by armed conflict and tell these stories to the whole world. So that people all over the world would remember about this tragedy. So that people in Ukraine and Europe could see who these children and old people living along the contact line in such difficult conditions are, and why they continue to live there. Without these stories, the War in Donbas would have been just pallid but horrible statistics.

All videos of Rinat Akhmetov: We Shall Help. Stories of Civilians project are available for viewing on the Foundation’s official YouTube channel.

The work on documenting the stories of civilians victimized by the War in Donbas continues. If you had to go through this experience, too, tell your story with the hashtag #ФондРинатаАхметова.

Our Foundation will contact people whose story is the most vivid and document their testimonies.