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Mission and values

We help people in Ukraine and create opportunities to become better and live better, building up on our achievements and international experience in charity. For the future.

"What is my philosophy of charity?
Charity is the ability to feel somebody else’s pain.
Charity is the ability to share somebody else’s pain.
Charity is a systemic fight against systemic problems.
Charity is orientation toward result.
Charity is openness.
What does it mean to create a team that shares this philosophy? These people must have heart to take somebody else’s pain as their own. These people must have eyes, must have good vision to see systemic problems. These people must have head, which means knowledge and experience, to solve these problems. These people must not create the illusion of work but work to make sure that everyone really feels our help. And also, our entire team must be open. Open to the society, open to media, open to new ideas and open to partnership."
Rinat Akhmetov

Belief in the Founder’s philosophy
We believe in the philosophy laid down by the Foundation’s Founder when establishing it.

We believe that integrity lies at the core of our relationships with the Foundation’s beneficiaries, partners, colleagues and employees in Ukraine and abroad.
For us, integrity means always telling the truth, being open and fulfilling agreements.
That’s why we ensure the maximum transparency of our work.
That’s why we openly discuss difficult topics and look for solutions.
That’s why the Foundation has zero tolerance of lies, violation of law and violation of rules.

We believe that the most important thing in charity work is result.
We believe that we can deliver the best possible result using the world’s best examples and practices.
For us, result means substantial contribution to saving human lives or significantly changing the quality of people’s lives.
That’s why we work systemically and continuously improve our performance, which helps us achieve results in the most efficient way.
That’s why our goals are always ambitious and at the same time attainable.

Openness to everything new
We believe that to be leaders in charity, we must be ready for changes and see opportunities in them.
We believe that we can change people’s lives for the better with the maximum effect only by continuously growing and improving.
That’s why we create new things, value new things and implement new things.
That’s why we encourage curiosity and critical thinking among our staff.
That’s why we study the best international experience and implement the most advanced practices.
That’s why we value flexibility and mobility.
And select these people to the Foundation’s team, as the Foundation’s partners and ambassadors.

We believe that respect is the cornerstone of the Foundation’s success.
We always show respect to every beneficiary, employee and partner.
We respect opinion and views of others.
That’s why we welcome mutual respect and positive attitude.
That’s why we value professionalism, maturity, positivism and neutrality in our staff.

Creating social benefits
We believe that the Foundation’s most important purpose is to help distressed people and create public benefits.
That’s why we always appreciate social significance of our deeds.
That’s why we provide help where it is needed and important, and the result becomes visible.
That’s why we hire people for whom it is important to help and create social values.