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Lviv Natural History Museum modernizes its exposition with the funds allocated by Rinat Akhmetov Foundation


Today the world celebrates International Museum Day. Thanks to the cultural institutions people get to know more about history and nature, they start thinking of environment and its relationship with humanity. To support the museums, to preserve unique exhibits and collections, in 2013 the Rinat Akhmetov Foundation launched the "Dynamic Museum" project, which provided grants to cultural institutions. One of the grant recipients was State Museum of Natural History of the National Academy of Science in Lviv. By that moment the museum was closed for visitors for more than 20 years.

"This is the only large-scale museum grant in the history of Ukraine," - Natalia Dziubenko, the Head of applied museum studies department of the State Natural History Museum of the National Academy of Science, shared in her interview for "Segodnya". – We planned to restore the exposition, launch "Museological enlightenment" program for museum workers from all over Ukraine, develop new strategies to work with visitors, especially with children and young people who are not very eager to go to museums, and introduce new technological solutions".

During the first two years everything was implemented according to the schedule: museum workers went on tours around the country and exchanged experience with foreign colleagues from Europe. The museum hosted modern art exhibitions that young people loved to attend. Also they created conditions for disabled people to visit the museum, they even installed an elevator for handicapped (a unique project for Lviv).

Now visitors can see the largest collection of butterflies in Europe and enjoy the most interesting exhibits from more than 500-thousandth collection of the institution. "The highlights of our museum are stuffed mammoth and woolly rhinoceros that were found in 1907, perfectly preserved after 30,000 years under the ground. They survived two world wars and needed a reconstruction. After that the restored mammoth and rhinoceros will open the renewed exposition of the museum, which will be high-tech", - Natalia Dziubenko shares. The museum staff assures that expositions will be interactive and will have light and sound accompaniment.

The renovated museum is already bringing joy to residents and guests of Lviv. "My daughter and her classmates went to the museum and came back really enthusiastic. And my child got really interested in biology. It's really great that Rinat Akhmetov Foundation did such a good thing and helped people to see this wonderful museum!" – Valeriia Bielik expresses her gratitude.