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Rinat Akhmetov Humanitarian Center helps children who have diabetes


Even when child's health problems are detected on time, parents do not always have a possibility to provide the kid with quality treatment and relieve his condition. An ordinary family from Donbas town Yenakiieve, who appeared to be in non-government-controlled areas by circumstance, was forced to address Rinat Akhmetov Humanitarian Center for help – and they were provided with it. The boy's story is told by "Segodnya" newspaper.

WE MADE IT ON TIME. In a few days Yaroslav Ilyin will turn only four years old, but he already knows that childhood is not always bright and cloudless. Little Yaroslav has diabetes mellitus. Last year in November his mother Nadezhda anxiously noticed that her son drank a lot of water.

"First we thought that our son caught a cold somewhere. We rushed to the hospital for tests, and the blood sugar level read off scale: the normal level is 6 and Yarik had 14, – Nadezhda Ilyina shares. – First we were put to Yenakiieve hospital immediately, then we were transferred to Donetsk Children's hospital".   

The child was delivered to Donetsk with sugar level of 30, he was taken to intensive care. Doctors told the boy’s parents that in a few hours the child could have fallen into a diabetic coma.

"Nobody can tell why would my son have diabetes mellitus all over sudden. Maybe it is the result of stress over the last two years in Donbas. Or maybe it was a viral infection of some sort. In Yenakiieve hospital, where we stayed with Yaroslav, there were many young children with the same diagnosis", – Nadezhda shared.

TEST STRIPES. After a course of treatment Ilyin family faced a problem of buying glucometer and test strips to measure the boy's blood sugar levels. The attending physician really helped here, she recommended to address Rinat Akhmetov Humanitarian Center for test stripes, because you wouldn't find them in non-government-controlled areas of Donbas. And if you find some, they do not always fit for specific models of glucometers.

"We sent a request for test stripes to the Humanitarian Center, and they agreed to help", – the boy's mom shared.

INSTEAD OF CANDIES. It was difficult for Yaroslav to battle his illness. In a moment all the sweet treats became forbidden for him. Nadezhda has to put up with Yaroslav's mood changes, from his joyful laugh to bitter tears.

"There is nothing you can do here, the mood of diabetics depends on their blood sugar level", – Nadezhda sighs. But the solution is found. Instead of sweets – active outdoor games and exercises in the pool. The child's body completely stopped producing its own insulin, and he will have to control the blood sugar for the rest of his life.

Every year more than 1,000 severely ill children receive medications from Rinat Akhmetov Humanitarian Center as part of "Medications for Children" project. The most demanded medicine during the entire project operation period were anticonvulsants – the Center issued 827 sets for children suffering epilepsy and cerebral palsy. Children also received 630 sets of asthma medications, 231 sets of insulin and 480 sets of test stripes.