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Humanitarian aid for Amvrosiivka civilians: where and when to get it?


Mobile volunteer team of Rinat Akhmetov Humanitarian Center started issuing food packages in Amvrosiivka, Donetsk region, in the mode of semi-fixed issuing point. During the first two days of work, on June 6-7, the humanitarian aid was issued to 397 people, and 1,250 residents received coupons for the next four days of issuance. 

"Our volunteers will be working in Amvrosiivka during five weeks in the mode of semi-fixed issuing point. The town had a great demand for humanitarian aid among the most vulnerable categories of the population. During the first two weeks we will be issuing packages for retired people only. To avoid long lines and ensure the comfort for elderly people, the coupons are issued in advance and for specific day. When all retired people get humanitarian aid, the issuance starts for the rest of categories", ‒ Andriy Sanin, the Head of the Center's logistic warehouse at Donbas Arena, commented.

Who can get humanitarian aid in Amvrosiivka?

Food packages can be received by the most vulnerable categories of local civilians. The list of categories can be found here.  

Aid issuance schedule:

  • Tuesday through Thursday
  • from 10:30 till 14:30
  • at: Lenin square (Victoria Cultural and Leisure Center)

More information on aid issuance by Rinat Akhmetov Humanitarian Center in Amvrosiivka can be also found out via the Center's hotline: 0800 509 001.