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Feeling that we’re normal and thinking: why doesn’t everyone adopt?


Recently, Anna and Dmytro Zheltiakov from the Kyiv Oblast adopted three children. Just half a year ago, the children were totally different: less emotional, less talkative. But after the spouses took little Misha, his brother Vitya and toddler Vika from a children’s home and brought them to a new home, the kids began to change.

‘We did not plan to adopt three children at once, because we were worried whether we’ll have enough physical power and material wellbeing for that,’ the adoptive father Dmytro says.

Later on, all doubts have dispersed. It took a while for Anna and Dmytro to realize the appearance in their family of three new members. The children are getting used to live in a family, displaying their traits in a different way. Laughter, noise and merry bustle reign in the Zheltiakov family today.

‘When you take a child from a children’s home, be prepared that most likely, the child has already been trained to do some things: perhaps to use a potty or even get dressed themselves, and that’s a plus. But there could be some negative things, too,’ Dmytro says.

Recently, the Zheltiakov family attended the lecture “Everything you wanted to know about adoption but were afraid to ask” organized by the Rinat Akhmetov Foundation under No to Orphanhood! program.

‘At these meetings held by the Foundation, we have the chance to meet other adoptive parents and hear various stories of these people. This is an excellent opportunity to feel that we are not alone and not the only ones, to feel that we’re normal and think: why doesn’t everyone adopt?’ the adoptive mother Anna says, smiling.

Potential parents looking for children often visit “No to Orphanhood!” portal.

‘This is an opportunity to see more photographs, take a closer look at the child, view the child’s personal video form. It really helps get prepared for a meeting with the child and become ready to adopt him or her,’ Anna believes.

The Rinat Akhmetov Foundation’s “No to Orphanhood!” portal has been active for over nine years in a row, helping more than 9300 boys and girls find a family. Today, the portal features over five thousand personal forms of children who dream about the warmth and care of a loving family.