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Project "Implementation of International Standards of Diagnosis" is realizing by Rinat Akhmetov Foundation  from 2013.

Implementation of the best practices and recommendations in TB diagnosis System of Ukraine.

Make TB Diagnosis: high-quality, timely / fast and accessible for patients.


  • Strengthen the impact and potential of the Central Reference Laboratory (hereinafter - CRL) to ensure quality control system of TB Diagnosis and training based on CRL.
  • Approve rapid TB Diagnosis techniques based on the CRL for their effective implementation on the territory of Ukraine.
  • Revise guidelines in the field of TB Diagnosis in line with WHO recommendations
  •  Implement molecular genetic methods of TB Diagnosis in Ukraine
  •  Organize model "zonal" laboratory for providing access to rapid diagnosis of tuberculosis in resource efficiency.

Results for 2013:

  • Purchased laboratory equipment for the CRL, including automated system GeneXpert.
  • Organized training class on the base of CRL.
  • Approved guideline of TB case finding using molecular genetic methods.
  • Developed the training module of molecular genetic TB Diagnosis.
  • Trained laboratory specialists in the field of molecular genetic methods involving the best international experts and trainers.
  • Developed and published the textbook for TB Laboratory Specialist  “Quality assurance system of bacteriological research".
  • Organized external quality control of DST in III level laboratories establishments Penitentiary System of Ukraine.
  • Opened modern PCR laboratory for molecular genetic TB Diagnosis at the Kharkov Oblast TB Dispensary

Results for 2014:

  • Opened modern bacteriological and PCR laboratory for molecular TB diagnosis  at the Mykolaiv Oblast TB Dispensary
  • Conducted external quality control DST in all III level laboratories Civilian and Penitentiary sectors.