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Rinat Akhmetov Humanitarian Center: the work of volunteers and the quality of food packages are under constant control


In March Rinat Akhmetov Humanitarian Center issued 480,000 food packages for retired people, children and other most vulnerable categories of citizens. The workload is very high that is why the requirements to volunteers and quality of products are increased.

According to Grigory Koldunov, Director of the Humanitarian Center, the work of issuing points, volunteers and quality of survival kits are under constant control by Center's employees. "Every day the Center reviews information on the quality of work, which is coming from controllers, coordinators and people, who are provided with humanitarian aid. Quality issue is always controlled by Rinat Akhmetov, I report him on all the moments of people's concern in the towns of humanitarian aid issuance and how we react on their comments and suggestions", - Grigory Koldunov specified.

Each signal on substandard products is carefully checked. Here is an eloquent example. There was information in one of social networks on a young family, who was cooking semolina for their little child and noticed that the sing with manufacture date is damaged and the quality of semolina was poor. An operative commission was established; the members of commission contacted the family, visited them and studied all the complaints. Though, according to the commission members the quality of cereal was normal, they still apologized, replaced the semolina package with a new one, and provided young mother with complementary Easter cake as a compensation for the trouble.

In this case the information on spoiled products was not confirmed, but according to Grigory Koldunov, when dealing with large batches of food, the suppliers might provide goods of different quality than stated in the agreement. If it happens, the Humanitarian Center does its best to secure that supplier replaces the goods and apologizes to people. "Unfortunately, we had such cases with tinned meat and sprat, but we solved this problem with supplies and now we are constantly monitoring people's feedbacks", - Grigory Koldunov emphasizes.

According to Director of the Humanitarian Center, the heaviest load falls on volunteers, who communicate directly with elderly and disabled people. They need to be patient and attentive when contacting older people. The ability to explain and give answers to a person who needs help is the main thing required from a volunteer. "Older people appreciate the aid they are provided with, they carefully check the content of food package, and check package integrity and expiry date. Volunteers had to answer the same questions several times, for example, they had to explain people why the manufacture date shall not be confused with expiry date, etc. Elderly people appreciate attention, and we also appreciate the work of our colleagues in the Humanitarian Center and care for them", Grigory Koldunov says.

Rinat Akhmetov Humanitarian Center kindly asks all aid recipients, who have any questions, to contact the Center's hotline: 0 800 509 001 or send an email: [email protected]. All the questions will be considered as soon as possible; the answers and problem solutions will be provided.