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To send humanitarian aid to Donetsk we need to inform 17 organizations, legalize 12 documents and get 3 permits for each vehicle


Rinat Akhmetov Humanitarian Center is drawing an attention of all concerned persons to the fact that bureaucratic procedures for registration of charitable assistance are getting more complicated day by day. The load is increasing not only for charitable organizations, but also for regulatory authorities, and their number is increasing as well. This was announced by Rimma Fil, Coordinator of the Humanitarian Center, during the briefing on March 12 in Kyiv

"The last example forced us to tell about this problem – the case that happened on March 5. In the morning our convoy with food and children's packages left Dnipropetrovsk with the right set of documents, and in the evening, when the truck arrived at a checkpoint, one more document was required for convoy passing. We found out about that from the controllers at the checkpoint", - Rimma Fil tells. 

To send one Humanitarian Aid Drive convoy, loaded with purchased goods, in March we required:

  • 4 working days; 
  • 18 people;  
  • inform 17 

The person that escorts the convoy or the driver shall have an expenditure invoice, a bill of landing, certificate of quality for the goods, and entry permit to ATO area. In March they added one more documents to this list: "Permit for goods transportation to/from ATO area". Each driver should have this document on him. 
Five months ago the package of documents consisted of three items. Besides, before the departure the convoy escort announced the duty officer in ATO headquarters about convoy movement. But during this period the procedure has become much more complex. 

Rimma Fil emphasized that all state services make advances for the Humanitarian Center and legalize documents as fast as possible. However, the things that Humanitarian Center can afford, such as supporting a great number of people, volunteers and small NGO cannot afford. 

"We kindly ask our state authorities: please, do not increase artificially the number of documents to deliver humanitarian aid for civilians! Fix the rules and simplify them where possible - we are ready to follow them. Today delivery of humanitarian aid reminds volunteers an obstacle race, and unfortunately there are more and more obstacles involved", - Rimma Fil, Coordinator of Rinat Akhmetov Humanitarian Center, emphasized. 
More details of the procedure are shown in the infographics.