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Rehabilitation helps a lot: a seriously injured woman from Mariupol undergoes rehabilitation at a health resort run by Rinat Akhmetov Foundation



Liliia, her husband and daughter met a full-scale war in Mariupol. Trying to leave the burning city on foot, the family came under aerial bombardment. Liliia was seriously injured. She recently underwent a physical and psychological rehabilitation course provided by the Rinat Akhmetov Foundation at a health resort in Zakarpattia. 

"I got acquainted with the Foundation long ago, and now, in 2024, I am in rehabilitation. It is very relevant and helps a lot, there is a result. My husband was happy that I was going. He sees that it is necessary", says Liliia.

It is not easy to remember that terrible time and the long weeks after the air strike. She had to undergo complicated surgical interventions in Donetsk, spent a month and a half in intensive care, and weeks in a ward. Then Liliia got to Lviv, where her family met her. For two years now, the woman has been fighting for her health. 

"The patient underwent rehabilitation here, visiting the mineral and thermal pools, the salt room, and many physical procedures. Her condition has improved, and she is satisfied with the result", says Nataliia Vartsaba, a physician at the health resort.

Now Liliia and her family are rebuilding their lives. They have nothing left in Mariupol.

"The place where our house used to be is overgrown with weeds... We live and work here. Of course, we want a quick victory. I hope for the best", the woman says.

Under the programme "Treatment and Rehabilitation of Wounded Adults", Rinat Akhmetov Foundation provides assistance to Ukrainian residents who suffered from hostile shelling of residential areas: treatment, rehabilitation, psychological help, etc.

Since 2014, the Foundation has provided treatment and rehabilitation assistance to more than 11,000 Ukrainians.

If you or someone you know needs help, please write to the Foundation's messenger ( or call the toll-free hotline 0 800 509 001 (the line is open from Monday to Friday).