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The ‘No to Orphanhood!’program helped little Bogdan to find a living family.


The Balatylyzhyns, from Nikovalev, have been dreaming of a child for many years. They could hardly imagine, though, that they would get both a son and a daughter at the same time. It was not only a miracle that helped them - according to the happy parents. Valentina and Evgeniy have been together for 15 years. Their life goes smoothly, as does their routine - their housing problem has been settled too. But the most important component of happiness was missing – kids.

‘A family without kids – is a family deprived of motivation and joy’, - says Valentina Batalyzhyna.

After four unsuccessful attempt to give birth, they decided to adopt a child. They saw little Bogdan for the first time on the ‘No to Orphanhood!’ portal, and when meeting him for the first time they realized: it was their son.

‘He even looks like my husband, especially if you compare childhood photos’, - says Valentina surprised.

While the couple was proceeding with the adoption documents, another miracle occurred. It turned out that Valentina was pregnant. Now the family has both a son, and a daughter.

Four year old Bogdan found common ground with the new born sister right away, and does not stop pleasing the parents with his achievements.

‘He is very fond of reading,writing, and reciting poems’, - says Valentina, admiringly.

Eventually, thkid's greatest dream – of finding a loving Mom and Dad – has come true.

‘My parents are the best in the world! They hug me so hard!’, the boy says proudly.

The ‘No to Orphanhood!’ program of the Rinat Akhmetov Foundation operates to help as many kids as possible grow up in families. Already over 9200 boys and girls have foundloving parents thanks to the portal