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Outcomes of the Program “Let’s Stop TB in Ukraine” in 2011 were presented


March 27-28, 2012, coordinated by the Foundation “Development of Ukraine”, a meeting of regional TB coordinators of the Program “Let’s Stop TB in Ukraine” was held at the premises of Hotel “Tourist” in Kyiv.

The Meeting was attended by the Regional Coordinators from all regions of Ukraine, representatives of sub-recipients (URCS, PATH, and International HIV/AIDS Alliance). Deputy Head of the State Service on HIV/AIDS and other Socially Dangerous Diseases Y.V.Khaniukov took and active part in the Meeting. The Meeting was moderated by the Head of the Foundation Department of Diagnostics and Treatment N.Y.Kozhan.

 First day of the Meeting was dedicated to discussion of results of the Program implementation in the 6 pilot oblasts throughout 2011: Dnipropetrovska, Donetska, Kharkivska, Lvivska, Mykolayivska as well as the city of Kyiv. N.Y.Kozhan presented the key outcomes, achievements and challenges in the Program realization by the Foundation “Development of Ukraine”. M.Makovetska, Head of the Department of Advocacy, Communication and Social Mobilization, presented the outcomes of ACSM component activities performed by the Foundation. All attendees were informed about the All-Ukrainian informational campaign “Let’s Stop TB in Ukraine” and of a number of events carried out within the ACSM component.

 Project Manager T.Ivanenko shared information on implementation of the PATH Program “Reducing the Burden of TB in Ukraine”. One of the key objectives of PATH is to train medical workers of different levels at TB services. Participants of the Meeting were informed about the request to direct for training the personnel of the regional healthcare institutions in accordance with the criteria of selecting participants for the training.

 O.R.Smetanina, HIV/TB Manager of ICF “International HIV/AIDS Alliance in Ukraine” informed of results of Alliance work. She particularly focused on challenges of awarding grants for reparation of the VCT cabinets. Coordinators were requested to pay more attention to preparation of proposals and documents as well as control the work of NGOs implementing activities on the base of TB institutions. The coordinators were informed on the issues related to procurement of equipment and medications, and starting time of supplies to the regions.

 A.N.Khabarova, Manager of the URCS Project “Medical and social patronage and forming adherence to TB treatment”, presented results of URCS work in the 6 pilot regions. The Red Cross has achieved the planned indicators, 1664 patients were covered with patronage on the support phase, 422 of the patients who were referred for supervision have successfully completed treatment.

 PhD Candidate and senior scientific worker of TB Department at F.G.Yanovskyi State University SITBP, N.Lytvynenko, presented information about the international standards of treating drug-resistant TB. Ms.Lytvynenko drew attention to alternations in standards and approaches to treatment introduced in regulatory documents of the MoH of Ukraine.

 Second day of the Meeting was dedicated to cooperation between the URCS and the TB service. Red Cross coordinators from 14 regions implementing program activities in 2012 were invited to the Meeting.

 N.H.Karina, the Head of the Patronage Service, presented general information about the Project, its challenges and achievements. Representatives of the Red Cross in Luhanska, Khersonska and Mykolayivska oblasts presented information about successes and challenges of Program activities implementation in their regions. 

 During the discussion, the following problematic issues were reviewed: organization of TB service coordination, handing over of medications to the Red Cross patronage nurses, monitoring of work of the Red Cross.  

 Download the presentation of the Meeting in Ukrainian.

 Next meeting of TB coordinators from 27 regions is planned for June in a format of a three-day training.