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Press Announcement. World TB Day


The day of 24 March is a special date in TB history. Robert Koch announced discovery of tuberculosis bacillus on this day in 1882. The UN held the first World TB Day 100 years after on 24 March, 1982. The day has been marked annually since then. TB remains a big global problem for public health. Almost 9m new cases are registered every year around the world and over 1.5m people die.

World TB Day "I Can Stop TB"

Program for Fighting TB Epidemic in Donetsk Region in 2007-2011

The day of 24 March, 2008 will be marked by the slogan "I can Stop TB". This is more than a motto. This is an appeal to mobilize everybody. We can stop TB if:

     · patients care more for their health and take medicines on time and regularly;

     · doctors detect disease symptoms properly, diagnose TB, and prescribe treatment;

     · teachers - provide students with true information about this long-living disease.

We should remember that by learning more information about TB, we can prevent it. Today the facts prove that investments in TB diagnostics and treatment can result in averagely 1000% return.

Program for Fighting TB Epidemic in Donetsk Region in 2007-2011 is being implemented in the Donetsk Region. The project is co-funded and co-supported by Foundation for Development of Ukraine, Donetsk Regional Council, Donetsk Regional State Administration, as well as local authorities of cities and districts in the region.

Additional info:

In 2007, 11,000 TB-patients were on file in Donetsk Region and over 4,000 new cases of active TB were registered, while 1363 people died of TB during the year. Around 15 % of patients live with a double problem - TB and HIV. This is twice as much as the world average figure. Over 13% of patients have drug-resistant TB, which is four times more than the world average figure.

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