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Saving elderly and disabled people: 10 thousand survival kits were delivered to people's homes by volunteers of Rinat Akhmetov Humanitarian Center


During six months, starting from October 2014, mobile volunteer groups of Rinat Akhmetov Humanitarian Center delivered 10,000 survival kits to the homes of lonely elderly and disabled people of Donetsk and the neighbouring towns. 

Several mobile groups of the Center and "Responsible citizens" volunteer group were risking their lives even during the days of the most severe shelling and delivered food to the most vulnerable categories of population. For these people this is the only source of survival during all these months of war. They remained without social payments, support of relatives and they cannot leave their homes and get to social service or Humanitarian Center's issuing point due to health reasons.

"Every month the number of such requests is increasing. For example, in March we delivered 976 packages. This number is at the level of the most difficult periods of November and December, when we got thousands of requests for delivery due to severe shelling, – Anzhela Sumrava, coordinator for mobile volunteer groups of Rinat Akhmetov Humanitarian Center. – Targeted aid will be delivered to the homes of lonely elderly people and severely ill civilians in Donetsk and the neighbouring towns. The issue of food availability for elderly and seriously ill people are on special control for Rinat Akhmetov, because these people have no one else to rely on".

One of these people, who survive owing to the Humanitarian Center's food packages, is Tamara Nikolayevna, a retired woman from Donetsk. She lives alone, her children moved to other towns long time ago, and she couldn't re-register her pension. Due to continuous worries and cutting food costs she often suffers blood pressure. That is why the lady practically doesn't leave her house.

"My employment history counts over 30 years. And my pension is UAH 1,160. This is not a descent pension, these are tear drops. And now I don't receive it. Food packages from Rinat Akhmetov Humanitarian Center are my rescue. Volunteers bring them regularly, - shares Tamara Nikolayevna, who remains cheerful and tries to support others, despite all the difficulties. – "You share your warmth with someone and this person feels better. There are many lonely people, their relatives do not care about them. For me and other pensioners these arrivals of volunteers from Rinat Akhmetov Humanitarian Center are a great help and joy".

You can request address delivery of food packages via hotline (0800 509 001) of Rinat Akhmetov Humanitarian Center every day. Volunteers call every applicant and provide information on issuing points, find out about applicant's possibility to pick food packages from these points upon availability of required documents. If there is no possibility for applicants to come, the volunteers deliver humanitarian aid to their homes. Our specialists are very attentive to each request and do their best to provide the required assistance.

You can find more details on how to be provided with home delivery of food packages from Rinat Akhmetov here: