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More than 1700 telemedicine consultation provided pulmonologists for 8 months in Donetsk region


Ukraine's first telemedicine network for TB service in the Donetsk region was launched Foundation for «Development of Ukraine" in October 2013 in the framework of the regional program to combat tuberculosis. Today, thanks to the network has provided more than 1,700 tele patients. Telemedicine network includes five major anti-TB facilities in the region, Donetsk, Mariupol, Kramatorske, Uzhgorod and mining. Rinat Akhmetov's Foundation "Development of Ukraine" has purchased the necessary equipment tanadaye technical and financial assistance for the operation of the network in the region.

The network has three main objectives for which was created. First - a quick correct diagnosis and timely initiation of treatment. Previously for the diagnosis of "drug resistant TB" patients had to wait about two weeks - until their medical records fall in Donetsk on special medical advisory committee, today, thanks to tele diagnosed patient set within three days of receipt of test results. Accordingly, the earlier treatment begins the disease.

The second task telemedicine network - saving budget TB facilities and medical staff: no need to travel to Donetsk in consultation with and take back medical documentation that is required for meeting the special medical commission and the diagnosis of the patient.

The third objective - improving the quality of medical services for patients TB facilities. Now the patient is no need to waste your time and money to travel to the regional TB institution for advice. The patient receives advice not only your doctor, but additional medical consultations from other facilities in the region quickly and efficiently.

In the current situation in the Donetsk region telemedicine has become particularly important and necessary, we are talking about the safety of moving both doctors and patients with TB patients. Health care workers can safely provide assistance and advice to patients, and patients begin treatment promptly.