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The population of Ukraine becomes more aware of the problem of tuberculosis


In conjunction with the communications sub-recipient of IPO “Labour and Health Social Initiatives” (LHSI) the printed materials for general population and social groups at risk (homeless, drug addicts, prisoners, Romani people) were developed, printed and delivered to all regions of Ukraine.

"Despite a slight decline in the growth rate of tuberculosis, the level of illness and death from tuberculosis in Ukraine still remains high. It is a broad awareness of Ukrainians on the main symptoms of tuberculosis, modes of the infection transmission and methods of treatment that is an important factor that will help to overcome the TB epidemics in Ukraine and reduce stigma for people who are already ill or will become ill in the future", said Tatiana Bilyk, director of the Program "Stop tuberculosis in Ukraine" initiated by the Rinat Akhmetov’s Foundation for Development of Ukraine.

In August 27 regional coordinators of the Program on advocacy, communication and social mobilization received the first part of the printed matter, namely leaflets for risk groups, as well as posters and stickers for general population. The information contained in the printed materials in a common and understandable form covers the major TB symptoms, calls people to be more careful about their health and the health of their loved ones, and in case of detecting one or more symptoms to immediately contact a doctor. It is important to know that in case of early treatment of TB the disease is completely curable. All materials contain number of all-Ukrainian hotline for tuberculosis 0800503080 and website address of the Program "Stop tuberculosis in Ukraine"

The total number of materials printed and delivered to the regions is 28,000 posters and 25,000 stickers for general population, 320,000 leaflets for drug addicts, 280,000 leaflets for prisoners, 50,000 leaflets for the homeless and 20,000 leaflets for Romani.

In September the second part of information products will be printed and delivered to the regions, namely a brochure for TB patients, infection control poster "Prevention of TB infection in the hospital", poster "Rules for sputum collection" for patients, and reverse flip chart for general health workers and patients.

The printed materials will cover most needs for information products of risk groups, tuberculosis dispensariespatients, general health workers, and general population.

Download the first part of the printed materials here