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More than 4,000 Donbas mothers contact the Humanitarian Center's hotline


Over the last three months more than 4,000 Donbas called the hotline of Rinat Akhmetov Humanitarian Center. They asked for consultations on breastfeeding and left their feedbacks about the Humanitarian Center's initiative on breastfeeding support.

"In November 2015 the Humanitarian Center modernized its 'Let's Help Children' program in accordance with the UN Children's Fund (UNICEF) and the World Health Organization initiatives. The Center updated the composition of children food packages with a focus on nursing mothers support. And today we can sum up the first results of this initiative.  We received over 4,000 calls and feedbacks through the Center's hotline and online help, most of women highly appreciate this transition ", ‒ Rimma Fil, the Humanitarian Center's Coordinator, shared.

The most popular questions among nursing mothers are: what should be the right mother's nutrition to provide the child with sufficient amount of milk; how long should a baby be breastfed; what are the right and the wrong ways to apply a child to mother's breast; what are the contraindications to breastfeeding. You can find the answers to these and other questions on the Humanitarian Center's website and Facebook page .

Helping children and taking care of their health are the major focus aspects of the Humanitarian Center. In 2016 the Humanitarian Center is planning to continue promoting breastfeeding as the most useful for babies, taking into account the recommendations of Ukrainian and international experts. "We look into the future with optimism and hope that Donbas kids survive these difficult times and grow as decent, healthy citizens of their country", ‒ Rimma Fil says.

During the whole period of its operation, Rinat Akhmetov Humanitarian Center has issued 460,000 food packages for babies to the families with children from 0 to 35 months old, both in non-government-controlled and government-controlled areas of Donbas.