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Peaceful Summer for Donbas Children – 2016: Rinat Akhmetov Humanitarian Center launches a recreation program


On June 29, 2016, Rinat Akhmetov Humanitarian Center starts acceptance of applications for "Peaceful Summer for Donbas Children 2016", according to which children can have a free vacation in summer camps of Sviatohirsk and on the Coast of Azov Sea. This was announced by Rimma Fil, the Coordinator of Rinat Akhmetov Humanitarian Center, during the online conference in 'Segodnya Multimedia'.

Children of 8-12 years old living in non-government-controlled areas and "grey zone" of Donetsk region can become part of this program. The priority will be given to children who did not participate in "Peaceful Summer for Donbas Children" last year and kids from large families or one-parent families.

"Health, good rest and happiness of children have always been the great priority for Rinat Akhmetov. Now all the Humanitarian Center's efforts are aimed at helping to cope with difficult situation and severe conditions that children face during hostilities. Today, on June 29, we launch a program called "Peaceful Summer for Donbas Children 2016". This program is aimed at physical and psychological health improvement of children at the seashore and in forest", – Rimma Fil shared.

It is planned to provide health improvement as part of summer vacation to 500 Donbas children from the 1st till the 28th of August. During the month there will be two shifts opened in Albatros camp (Strilkove settlement, Kherson region) through 1-14 of August and 15-28 of August, the camp will host 300 children. And there is one shift in Soniachnyi camp in the centre of Sviatohirsk recreational zone through August 1-14 for 200 children.

Parents pay for tickets to the camps on their own. The stay in summer camps is completely covered by the Humanitarian Center.

Aside from the big entertainment program there will be two teams of psychologists working in the camp, who took the training on the "War Trauma" course provided by Rinat Akhmetov Humanitarian Center last year. Psychologists will be giving classes and consultations aimed at stabilization and improvement of mental and emotional state of a child, anxiety reduction and communicational skill development.

"The children that will arrive at the camps are living in the state of war now. Especially in the "grey zone", where shelling is continuing and families are forced to hide in basements. Psychologists will be working with these children, they will get the most comfortable conditions for recreation. The Humanitarian Center selected the best recreational centres. We really hope that this program will help our young compatriots to have a good rest and recover", ‒ Rimma Fil said.        

The applications for participation in the program can be sent via the hotline of Rinat Akhmetov Humanitarian Center: 0800 509 001 or via email: [email protected] (it is mandatory to indicate SUMMER2016 in the subject of your email).

The list of documents required for participation in the program:

  1. a copy of child's birth certificate;
  2. a copy of one of the parent's passport with indicated registration;
  3. a copy of  one of the parent’s identification code;
  4. a copy of IDP certificate (for IDPs);
  5. certificate of epidemiological environment;
  6. health certificate from medical institution (079/У form);
  7. certificate/abstract of vaccination record (incl. the date of the last vaccination), especially:
  • BCG (vaccination against tuberculosis, at least 1);
  • DPR (tetanus, diphtheria and pertussis vaccination);
  • Polio vaccination (inactivated polio vaccine, oral polio vaccine);
  • MPR (Priorix) ‒ vaccination against measles, parotitis and rubella.
  1. a copy of large family certificate/document proving single mother status;
  2. parents' consent for psychologists to work with children.