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«Medications for Children»: issuance in Artemivsk is continuing


Despite the closure of Zaitseve checkpoint, medications from Rinat Akhmetov Humanitarian Center for severely ill Donbas children are still issued in the pharmacies of peaceful Artemivsk, Mariupol and Kramatorsk (Donetsk region). Issuance of medications is also possible in Kramatorsk and Mariupol, if earlier the package was sent to Artemivsk pharmacy. To change the issuing place, please call the Humanitarian Center's hotline: 0800 509 001.

"We continue accepting applications and issuing drugs according to 'Medications for Children' program, including Artemivsk. Despite the closure of Zaitseve checkpoint, the issuance goes on, because it is convenient to receive medications for internally displaced children in Artemivsk. It is more difficult for families from non-government-controlled areas to travel now. But they can leave an application via the Humanitarian Center's hotline and receive medications in Kramatorsk or Mariupol, whichever is easier for them to reach", ‒ Iryna Temerko, the Head of 'Targeted Assistance' direction at the Humanitarian Center, comments the situation.               

As part of 'Medications for Children' program the Center also continues the issuance of anticonvulsants, asthma medications and test stripes for seriously ill children living in non-government-controlled areas and IDPs on the peaceful territory of Donbas.

The applications are accepted via the Humanitarian Center's hotline: 0800 509 001. You can find more details on who can get medications and how – here