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Humanitarian aid for IDPs in Kurakhove


898 internally displaced persons, where 121 are children under 35 months old, received food packages in Kurakhove. The aid was delivered by mobile team of Rinat Akhmetov Humanitarian Center.

Earlier there was an operating fixed issuing point of the Humanitarian Center in this town. But in January 2016 the Center switched to a more effective format of work – now most of the towns in government-controlled areas of Donbas have their humanitarian aid delivered by mobile teams. It was the first visit of mobile volunteers to Kurakhove.

During the whole period of the Humanitarian Center's operation in town the total number of issued food packages comprised 29,320 pcs. The humanitarian aid was provided to the most vulnerable categories of IDPs: elderly and disabled people, families with many children and single parents.

"Kurakhove is located 30 kilometres away from the front line, but it lives completely normal life. The sounds of shooting and explosions are only heard from afar. Nevertheless, one can feel tension, fear and anxiety in the town, – Yevheniya Rzaieva, the Head of 'Humanitarian Aid' direction at Rinat Akhmetov Humanitarian Center, shared. – Since summer 2014 Kurakhove hosted many people who escaped from the neighbouring towns and villages: Marinka, Krasnohorivka, Oleksandrivka and Staromykhailivka. These settlements are located on the contact line and constantly suffer from shelling. It is still very dangerous to live there, that is why IDPs cannot come back home and keep staying in Kurakhove, closer to their native places. We understand how difficult it is for them and continue helping".

As a reminder, mobile issuance project was launched in May 2015. As of February 26, 2016, the humanitarian aid from the Center's mobile volunteers was received by more than 103,000 people.