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Rinat Akhmetov Foundation held training for foster parents and caregivers


Kyiv hosted a two-day training on "Prevention of emotional burnout" for caregivers and foster parents, organized by Rinat Akhmetov Foundation as part of "Say no to Orphanhood" program. The coach is an experienced psychologist Marianna Lapina.

During the training they addressed the issues related to the risks of burnout among parents in foster families and family-type orphanages. The psychologist told about the nature of stress and its impact on a person, about internal and external resources that can help parents. Participants got to know the methods of burnout prevention and recommendations on how to change their attitude to the situation.

"Surely, those children who went through a difficult life path need help and support. But not all of their caregivers know how difficult things may go with these kids.  The request on this topic came from parents. Before that we already held a similar training in Mariupol in 2014 and we saw how very effective it was", – Yevheniia Rzaieva, the Head of "Say No to Orphanhood" program, shared.

These trainings are necessary for adoptive parents. The same opinion is shared by Serhii Stavtsev, one of the training participants, the head of Donetsk family-type orphanage, which moved to Boryspil near Kyiv due to the armed conflict in Donbas.

"We are always happy to attend the trainings organized by Rinat Akhmetov Foundation. The subject of today's training is very important and relevant. Our family-type orphanage exists for ten years, it has accumulated rich experience. But we try to update the information constantly. This training was very interesting and useful. And this is not only the burnout prevention talk, but also an opportunity to exchange experience with all participants".

The video materials of the training will be shortly available on Say No to Orphanhood portal.