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'Wonderful and necessary': famous Ukrainians about the Photo Book ‘Donbass and Civilians’


The  Rinat Akhmetov Foundation continuing to present the ‘Donbass and Civilians’ Photo Book to Ukrainians. The book consists of  11 stories of civilians from Kramatorsk, Bakhmut, Avdiivka, Krasnohorivka, Piski and other settlements - who became hostages of the conflict in the east of Ukraine.

The Photo Book was successfully presented in Kyiv, Brussels, Lviv and Mariupol, with copies sent to international organizations and embassies. The book was nominated by the Ukrainian Library Fund as the ‘Best Social Photo Book of the Year’. The ‘Murals’ project became a continuation of the Photo Book. The first mural was opened by the Rinat Akhmetov Foundation on 21 September in Mariupol.

Today, famous Ukrainian writers and journalists have been sharing their professional opinion about the Photo Book.

‘It' a wonderful and necessary Photo Book. And unique, since we never had anything like this before. It would be great if everyone had a copy of it at home. Every family needs it. Then people will understand that all the grief, killed children and relatives – are not alien to each of us’, - says Valeriy Druzhbynskyi, journalist and publicist.

Andriy Buzarov, political analyst and orientalist, said that the Photo Book is unique, as the literature available on this topic over the last four years has been extremely subjective about the events in the east of Ukraine.The ‘Donbass and Civilians’ book suggests an unusual yet correct approach to showing them from the perspective of human destiny.

‘This book, as distinct from many other, is aimed at  a large audience. It is interesting both for politicians studying the conflict and ordinary citizens. And, for those who used to have stereotypical ideas about Donbass’, - explained Buzarov.

Oleksiy Kuzhelnyi, in his turn - director and honored artist of Ukraine - finds not only the contents, but also the cover of the Photo Book remarkable: as if it were a fingerprint.

‘It's as if it stood as a symbol of the individual responsibilityeach of us bears for the events in Donbass. The trouble is that Ukrainians do not have a personal opinion on this issue’, - said the director.

According to famous writer, blogger and journalist Iryna Govorukha, ‘Donbass and Civilians’ makes a tremendous impression on everyone who touches it for the first time. The Photo Book raised the topic of the life of Donbass civilians to the national level.

‘When I first picked up the book,, I have to be honest - I could not open it for the first ten minutes. It very vividly shows all the grief, and the scale and of the tragedy currently going on in our country. Thus, I very much hope that, thanks to the book ‘Donbass and Civilians’, more people will start helping. More people will pay attention to what is happening in the country. I hope that this project will open the eyes and hearts of many’, - said the writer.

The Photo Book ‘Donbass and Civilians’ is available via this link: