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Targeted assistance of the Humanitarian Centre: how to leave an application?


For Nadiia Martynenko from Kostiantynivka, the diagnosis of her eldest son was a real blow. After 14-year-old Anton was inspected by doctors, he was diagnosed with the serious disease, an exostosis. This is a benign lump on the bones that interferes with the normal work of the muscles causing the trapped nerve endings. The boy suffered pain in his leg, it became difficult for him to move. Since the disease has the ability to actively progress in adolescence and there is a risk of degeneration of the tumor into a malignant one, the doctors recommended that Anton be urgently operated on.

The family did not have money for this – the Martynenkos have five children, four of them are unger-age, and a husband has the III disability category.

Rinat Akhmetov's Humanitarian Centre immediately responded to the request for help.

“The cases when it comes to life and health of a child are the top-priority for the Centre. This is very important, as we have applications from the families, which cannot cope with their misfortune themselves,” says Iryna Temerko, the head of “Targeted Assistance” programme of Rinat Akhmetov Humanitarian Centre. “Over 9,000 people have already received targeted assistance for treatment. More than half of them are children.”

The surgery of Anton Martynenko was successful, the boy is on the mend. Although he is still in the hospital, he feels much better now.

“This operation was very important for us, since without it Anton would remain disabled forever. We are so grateful that you have responded to our request. Our family could not afford it, since we are a large family. Thank you for your not being indifferent to such families as ours,” Nadiia Martynenko expresses her gratitude.

How to get targeted medical assistance of Rinat Akhmetov Humanitarian Centre?

Targeted medical assistance is provided to residents and IDPs of Donetsk and Luhansk regions ,who have the appropriate certificate, and also to children, who belong to the following benefit-entitled categories:

  • families that bring up orphans and children under custody
  • multi-child families with 3 and more children under 18
  • single mothers or widows with children under 18 years old
  • families in difficult life circumstances (families, who have more than one severely ill family member, for example, mother with cancer and her child with ICP, or two disabled persons of the 1st group etc.)

Also, targeted medical care is provided to adult civilians. More information is available at:

To get assistance, you must provide a passport, INN, birth certificate of the child, a medical referral for the operation with a list of medications and a document confirming the availability of benefits.

You can leave your application by calling on the Centre’s hotline 0-800-509-001 or sending it by email [email protected].