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04.12.2014 The Akhmetov Humanitarian Centre Will Send 285 Thousands of New Year’s Gifts to Donbas Children


By the decision of Mr Akhmetov 285 thousands of New Year’s gifts will be delivered to children in Regions of Donetsk and Lugansk. Sweets and souvenirs will be distributed in the cities and towns, where the Anti-terrorist operation (ATO) is carrying out. This was reported by Rimma Fil, the coordinator of the Humanitarian Centre, during the press conference. “These cities and towns, where the ATO is carrying out, are the following: Donetsk, Makeevka, Yenakievo, Yasinovataya, Shakhtarsk, Kharzyzsk, Ilovaysk, Mospino, Dokuchaevsk, Starobeshevo, Komsomolskoe, Snizhne, Mironovka, Kirovskoe, Gorlovka, Torez, Zugres, Zhdanovka, Rovenki, Krasnodon, Sverdlovsk, Severodonetsk”, - she said.

In the words of Rimma Fil, the gift sets are divided into two categories: for infants (since birth and under 6 years old) and for adolescents (under 17 years old). This set consists of sweets, balls from the FC Shakhtar (for infants) and sock caps and scarves from the favourite football team (for adolescents). Besides, the set includes a greeting card and a New Year’s calendar. The Humanitarian Map has shown what a complex situation with foodstuff is in Donbas. Many parents cannot afford to buy sweets for their children. “We do really hope that such presents and sweets will give a little joy to these parlous war days, which children in Donetsk and Lugansk have to live through. We hope that all wishes made by children, especially a wish for the peace, will obviously come true next year”, - outlined Rimma Fil.

The Humanitarian Centre plans to start giving the gifts since the Saint Nicolas Day. Only the children under 17 are able to receive sweets and souvenirs.