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#IbelieveIcan: Nikita Manerko, 14 years old, multiple shrapnel wounds


A 14-year-old Nikita was wounded in June 2017. The boy says that he was on the street during the shelling, but he failed to reach the shelter. The explosion was fired within a few meters from him. The boy suffered multiple shrapnel wounds to his legs, hands and chest.

The boy does not give up and tries to overcome the consequences of his injury. Now he is attending rehabilitation course from the Rinat Akhmetov Humanitarian Center. We do believe that Nikita will fully recover thanks to his persistence and care of the doctors.

We invite wounded children from Donbass to participate in our flash mob and share their successes in rehabilitation. We also invite all indifferent adults who are ready to support the children and join the promotional action. Shoot your own videos and share them on social networks. Use hashtags #IbelieveIcan #TheRinatAkhmetovHumanitarianCenter to make your videos easy to find.