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WHO Holds Conference in Crimea on Results Achieved During Second Year of DOTS Strategy Adoption in Five Ukrainian Regions


The World Health Organization (WHO) held conference "Results Achieved During Second Year of Adoption of DOTS Strategy in Five Ukrainian Regions" in Foros (Crimea) on 1-3 November, 2007.

The conference was attended by representatives of Health Care Ministry of Crimea; РАТН; Crimean Office of Red Cross Society in Ukraine; the Foundation for Development of Ukraine; the Committee of the Health Ministry of Ukraine on Prevention of HIV, AIDS and other Dangerous Social Infections; Yanovskiy National Institute of Phthisiology and Pulmonology; Gorkiy Donetsk State Medical University; TB doctors of dispensaries and hospitals of all levels, as well as officials of European Regional WHO Office and WHO Office in Ukraine.
Medical Advisor of WHO Country Office in Ukraine Kestutis Miskinis and Technical Advisor of European Country Office of WHO Andrey Dadu delivered reports on "TB. Situation in Europe and globally. Place of Ukraine in TB epidemic in the European region"; "Second year of implementation of adapted Stop TB strategy in five Ukrainian regions. Activities realized by medical administrations in regions with WHO technical support"; and "International principles and approaches to epidemic supervision and their application to assess effectiveness of national programs".
The delegates also discussed performance of laboratory network for TB diagnostics in Ukraine and adoption of modern TB-fighting strategy in pilot regions; challenges, achievements, and open issues.
The conference presented outcomes of cohort analysis in Ukraine and pilot regions. The delegates discussed organization of laboratory service in Ukraine on central and regional levels; coordination of TB activities in civil and penitentiary sector; defects of legislative framework; and consistency issues. Special attention was paid to advocacy, communication, and social mobilization issues; their need, principles, and approaches; cooperation; practical approaches to communicating information to population; and organizing work with patients.
The event was crowned by a presentation of B.Shcherbak-Verlan, technical advisor of WHO Office in Ukraine "Raising awareness of prisoners on TB prevention and treatment. Acceptable form of information provision and contents of materials". The speech was based on a formative research conducted in the penitentiary system.