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TB Centers Being Closed in Ukraine


One of the oldest TB centers in Dnepropetrovsk Region is facing a shutdown. The decision was made by the Regional Council and Dnepropetrovsk Health Care Administration. Officials argue the facility is inefficient and its premises have outdated. Yet the TB center patients believe someone has simple put eye on the building. They are ready to protest to keep the center. They don't have a hope to recover without Vyazovka Center. However, the TB center advocates failed to get a response of local officials. The only regional medical facility for TB treatment will be defended by pickets from now on.

Oleg Khandriga, patient of Pavlograd TB dispensary says: "The history of this center started with curing 8 of 10 patients. The nature heals people their".
Patients say that crafty money-makers liked the center located in a forest 40 km away from the city. The authorities deny the accusations and mean they have no funding to maintain the facility and make treatment effective. Instead they offer patients to pay for their trips to the Crimea or Carpathians as an alternative.
Valentina Ginzburg, head of regional health care administration says: "A facility with 25 beds has no right to live. And medical treatment there is beneath criticism".
The center staff insist the facility is being destroyed on purpose. It hasn't been even redecorated for the past decade.
Yelena Tokar, chief accountant of the center explains: "They want to buy the place and mostly likely have the purchaser".
The patients don't trust promises of authorities to grant them vouchers to health improvement facilities in the Carpathians and Crimea and add that the healing air of the local center is much more effective.
Officially over 10,000 people with open TB are registered in Dnepropetrovsk Region today, while TB mortality is one of the highest in Ukraine.