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A specialized department to treat patients with multi-drug resistant tuberculosis (MDR TB) will be created in Kyiv


 A specialized department to treat patients with multi-resistant, i.e. complex, resistant to several medications form of TB will be created in Kyiv. This is a subject of the Memorandum of Understanding and Cooperation signed between Kyiv City State Administration and Rinat Akhmetov Charitable Foundation “Development of Ukraine”. From now on, joint efforts will be aimed at overcoming spread of open TB forms and realization of objectives incorporated into the “Healthy Kyiv Citizen” initiative of Kyiv Development Strategy through 2025. 

“According to the Memorandum, with support of the Foundation “Development of Ukraine” there will be educational programs carried out for the specialists, new hardware purchased for introduction of the electronic registry of patients, equipment for hospitals and laboratories. Under the Memorandum, throughout 2012, the Foundation plans to spend approximately 12,000,000 UAH to implement these activities. This cooperation will become an example of coordination of efforts between the government and donors and our task is to create an environment to overcome the disease. We are very grateful to the Foundation for help”, said the Head of Kyiv City State Administration (KCSA) Oleksander Popov.

The general number of patients with active forms of TB in Kyiv is over two thousands, 604 of them require treatment of multi drug-resistant form of TB. “In accordance with international standards, MDR TB patients must be treated in a facility separated from other TB patients ensuring all infection control measures. This will allow avoiding the cross-infection. For instance, treatment course of primary TB costs 315,000 UAH, and lasts 6 months. Treatment of MDR TB costs between 35,000 and 132,000 depending on resistance type. Treatment course lasts 20-36 months. Therefore, creation of a specialized MDR TB department will first of all ensure prevention of cross-infection of general TB patients, and second of all, save significant funds”, noted Tetiana Bilyk, Program Manager “Let’s Stop TB in Ukraine” of the Foundation “Development of Ukraine”.

Under the Memorandum, KCSA plans to develop and approve a plan of optimization of TB diagnostics laboratories network in Kyiv, agree on resources and funding necessary to organize reparation works at laboratories which will carry out TB diagnostics. The Foundation “Development of Ukraine” plans to provide these laboratories with the new equipment for an estimated cost of 105,396 UAH and organize relevant training for laboratory personnel. The Foundation will also be able to partly ensure the second-line drugs for treatment of MDR TB for Kyiv, upon the readiness of laboratories and creation of a separate department to treat MDR TB patients.

The Memorandum also covers purchase of equipment necessary for introduction of electronic registry of TB patients, provision of reporting forms to the Kyiv city healthcare facilities, and training of specialists. At the first stage, 300 work places will be equipped with computers and all necessary software