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In May the mobile teams will take trips to 45 settlements. Schedule of visits


In May 2017 the mobile teams of Rinat Akhmetov Humanitarian Center will visit 45 settlements. Volunteers will deliver and issue 10,600 food packages. The humanitarian aid is aimed at the most vulnerable categories of civilian population: elderly and disabled people, single parents, families with many children.

"Rinat Akhmetov Humanitarian Center continues delivering humanitarian aid to the "grey zone". Local residents of the area really need support. There is no work there, the infrastructure is destroyed, some hospitals and schools are not working", – Mykhailo Katerynchak, the Head of "Humanitarian Aid" direction, shares.

Over the entire period of its operation Rinat Akhmetov Humanitarian Center issued 11.7 million food packages on both sides of the contact line. The Center's humanitarian aid saved more than one million people.

Below are the schedules of mobile teams' trips in May 2017. You can also find out more details about humanitarian aid issuance via the Center's hotline: 0800 509 001.

Arrival date

Town, raion

Satellite town, village or settlement the humanitarian aid is issued for

Address of issuance


Yasynuvata raion

Orlivka, Lastochkyne, Umanske, Tonenke, Semenivka, Berdychi, Petrivske

37, Yelahina str., Orlivka;
Soniashna str. (former Sverdlova), Umanske;
Lastochkyne, local store;
Tonenke, the building of local store;
50, Tsentralna str., Semenivka;
30, Myru str., Berdychi.


Volnovakha raion

Buhas, Lisne, Pilne, Pivdennodonbaska

35, Tsentralna str. (former Sovetska), Buhas;
7, Myru str., Lisne;

1, Sadova str., Pilne;
1, Pivdennodonbaska station.


Marinka raion

Karlivka, Halytsynivka, Pervomaiske

Stepna str., Karlivka (the orientation point is rehabilitation centre);
6, Parkova str., Pervomaiske (the orientation point in the building of village council);
1a, Seredy str., Halytsynivka (the orientation point in the building of village council).



Talakivka, Hnutove

229, Soborna str., Talakivka;
25, Tsentralna str., Hnutove.


Bakhmut raion

Berestove, Yakovlivka, Bilohorivka, Vesele, Lypove, Vyimka, Nahorne, Spirne, Novosilka, Ivano-Daryinka, Verkhniokamyanske

2, Tsentralna str., Berestove (the building of village council);
1, Zemlianova str., Verkhniokamyanka (the building of village council);
3, Donetska str., Yakovlivka (the building of village council).


Volnovakha raion

Chermalyk, Orlivske, Fedorivka

38, Myru str., Chermalyk;
31, Tsentralna str., Orlivske;
1, Tsentralna str., Fedorivka.


Volnovakha raion


42, Bohdana Khmelnytskoho str., Hranitne.


Yasynuvata raion

Verkhniotoretske, Oleksandropil, Novobakhmutivka

Donetska str., Oleksandropil;
2, Shkilna str., Novobakhmutivka;
4, Parkova str., Verkhniotoretske.


Yasynuvata raion

Ocheretyne, Keramik

12, Pervomaiska str., Ocheretyne;
20, Proletarska str., Keramik.


Volnovakha raion

Myrne, Pishchovyk, Chernenko, Pavlopil

6, Tsentralna str., Myrne;
1, Armiiska str., Pishchovyk;
14, Dachna str., Chernenko;
77, Syvukhina, Pavlopil.


Bakhmut raion



7, Artema str., Luhanske;
38, Pervomaiska str., Novoluhanske.



Sievernyi, Druzhba, Shumy

Tsentralna str., Cultural centre, Sievernyi.