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Three children, seriously injured in Nevelske, will undergo rehabilitation again


This year, thanks to the project "Rehabilitation of injured children" of the Rinat Akhmetov Humanitarian Center, more than 30 seriously injured children will be treated in the best health camps in Ukraine.


Among them are three blood brothers from the Nevelske village of the Donetsk region. The misfortune happened with them in August 2015. A very strong shelling began as soon as the boys returned home from their walk. The house was destroyed by a direct hit of a projectile. The elder of them, Sasha, was wounded with shrapnel. The middle one, Maxim, had a brain contusion, as well as numerous injuries. The younger brother, Vanya, who at that time was three years old, suffered the most. A piece of a projectile pierced his head: the doctors had to piece the skull of the child together." 


“There was no pulse, the skull was completely broken into pieces. As I was sitting near the emergency room, the doctor came out to me and said: chances are 50/50", - Margarita, mother of the boys, recalls.


The child was rescued, but the consequences of the wound are still being felt to this day. Vanya has problems with speech, psychological and emotional development. After the tragedy, Maxim lived a sheltered life and the slightest emotional stress results in panic attacks. The elder brother, Sasha, suffers from pain in his leg.


All the brothers have already received treatment thanks to the assistance of the Rinat Akhmetov Humanitarian Center. As soon as the first days of summer begin, they will again go to one of the best health camps in Ukraine together with their mother.


80 children and teenagers who were seriously injured have already participated in the "Rehabilitation of injured children" project.


The Humanitarian Center is a large-scale program of the Rinat Akhmetov Foundation, which has been operating since August 2014 in order to provide maximum assistance to the Donbas civilians, who suffered from the armed conflict. The Center became the largest humanitarian mission in the history of Ukraine, which managed to save the lives of more than a million people.