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The work of Humanitarian Center in Avdiivka


Rinat Akhmetov Humanitarian Center continues helping residents of Avdiivka, one of the most affected towns in Donbas. This was announced during the press briefing by Rimma Fil, the Humanitarian Center's Coordinator.

Avdiivka is located on the contact line. During the hostilities this settlement saw a lot of shelling. That is why the local residents have many needs both in humanitarian and psychological assistance.

Starting from November 20, a new point of humanitarian aid issuance, located at 2, Koroliova str., will be opened in Avdiivka. The other aid issuing point in Avdiivka, which was located in municipal hospital, was closed due to sanitary reasons. The new premise was found, it is being prepared.

As for psychological assistance, a group of mobile psychologists worked in Avdiivka last week. The specialists' visit had a fact-finding character. Psychologists collected necessary information that will help the Humanitarian Center to determine the areas for further work.

"Our psychologists are talking about extremely difficult situation in Avdiivka. And first of all, the deep war trauma affected children. During the period of hostilities the town population has reduced by 4.5 times. But there are still some children left in the half-ruined Avdiivka", – Rimma Fil explained.

Many kids witnessed shelling and death of their loved ones and random people. Some children lived with their parents on the territory of Avdiivka Coke Plant. There are also some kids who left Avdiivka for 8-9 months without their parents, which traumatized them as well.

Thanks to the employees of Avdiivka Coke, the town is gradually coming alive and getting restored. Schools, kindergartens, hospitals and residential houses are being repaired and restored. "This is a bright example of a complex work of the town-forming enterprise", – the Center's Coordinator said.

There are five schools working in four buildings, one school is still closed. The pre-school institutions haven't been operating for over a year, but three kindergartens are open since November. According to directors of all educational establishments a lot of children are coming back, their number increases every week.

During the arrival of the Humanitarian Center's psychologists they did not just visit schools, but conducted several group classes. They taught children and their parents simple self-regulation techniques, discussed the current events, worked on coping with fears and anxiety through communication, art therapy and games. Everyone who submitted an application came for the classes. Both adults and children were very motivated, the classes went nice and natural.

"The work of psychologists cannot be delayed. It cannot be postponed for later and resumed in a few years. We need to save people from "war trauma" now. Otherwise it will be too late", – Rimma Fil emphasized.