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Rinat Akhmetov launches a separate line of his Humanitarian Centre – Let’s Help Children


The Humanitarian Centre of Rinat Akhmetov Foundation in cooperation with FC Shakhtar launch the project Let’s Help Children. This news was notified at the today’s press-conference by the coordinator of the Humanitarian Center of Rinat Akhmetov Foundation Rimma Fil and the General Director of the Football Club Sergey Palkin.

The project starts on the 20th of October and will be dedicated to help children under two years old, who live in the ATO zone. According to the Center calculation about 40 thousand of such children live in the mentioned region. All of these children have specific needs, covered by their parents in peacetime, which cannot be satisfied now. First of all they include baby food, nappies, special medicines.

“The Humanitarian aid drive supported mainly adult population: retired persons, disabled people, but it was noticed, that specific needs of children under two years old in the ATO zone now are not satisfied systematically by any humanitarian mission”, - says Rimma Fil, the coordinator of the Humanitarian Center of Rinat Akhmetov Foundation “Pomozhem”. – Upon an initiative of the President of FC Shakhtar Rinat Akhmetov it was decided to launch a separate large-scale project.

Within this new line the children under 2 years old in the ATO zone will be provided with special infant sets every month. Earlier, in the framework of the aid drive the Center has already delivered over 10 thousand infant sets, and 20 thousand more will be delivered in October and November”.

The help in the sets delivery will be rendered by FC Shakhtar. Volunteers from amongst employees of the Football Club and the Stadium are already actively engaged to the Humanitarian Center activity, delivering humanitarian aid to Donbass residents. From the end of August the Club’s employees have distributed to Donetsk residents over 200 thousand food sets.

“Taking into consideration the fact that the priority in the humanitarian activity of the Club are children, we have endorsed the initiative of the Club’s President Rinat Akhmetov on launching special humanitarian project for children under 2 years old in the ATO zone right away, - said  Sergey Palkin, the General Director of FC Shakhtar. – As early as in August we focused our efforts on help to children who have a bad time because of the war in Donbass. The Shakhtar players and the head coach Mircea Lucescu acquire those exactly things, which are needed to children victims of hostilities. Some funds, gained by the Club from the tickets sale during the home matches, we forward to the treatment of children, affected in the zone of conducting warfare and to the material support of families, where children lost their parents due to the tragic events. Now we see that about 40 thousand children need humanitarian aid. And the Club along with the Humanitarian Center will endeavor to help each child, where it is possible. First of all, in our native Donetsk”.

It should be recalled that the infant set includes milk cereals and infant formulas, vegetable and fruit puree, infant juices, nappies.