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It is time to give presents. BLOG of Natalia Yemchenko, Director of Public Relations and Communications of SCM


On your birthday you need to give presents – it is my personal experience. Moreover, you should give presents on the birthday of the Foundation for Development – some special gifts for special people.

In Ukraine, there are a lot of charitable foundations and NGOs, which help people and country. They would like to do more but, unfortunately, do not know how to achieve a quantum leap.

How to tear away from OPEX and look one step ahead? How and where to grow? How should one manage his work schedule? How to make the world better, more effective?

Almost every day we discuss various problems with our colleagues from the same sector at the Rinat Akhmetov Foundation. For instance, the problems of professional burnout or whether the Foundation for Development needs a strategy or not, or why do we need a vision and what should it be like?

In July, the Rinat Akhmetov Foundation for Development turned 12. His largest project, the Humanitarian Center, turned 3. So, we decided to arrange no celebrations, to prepare no reports this year, but to make a present to everybody in NGO sector (including ourselves). To be more precise – an opportunity to reboot, tear away from OPEX, ‘touch and feel’ new management techniques (in particular, IT; for instance, Agile) to move to a new level, to grow, to become more systematic, to become stronger and more effective and, thus, to help more.

On September 4-5, we will hold a two-day strategic workshop dedicated to the application of Agile and Scrum in the charitable foundations. In total, there are 20 charitable foundations.

First of all, we decided to invite those whom we know personally or whom we met once only, those who are imbued with enthusiasm, who are eager to be changed and change, whose ideas create our world ... We invite 18 foundations directly and 2 more foundations on a competitive basis.

Who has a chance to win and get an opportunity to participate in the workshop?

  • Organizations that believe that charity can be an efficient professional tool for solving various social problems;
  • Organizations that are eager to work on their effectiveness to change;
  • Organizations that live at a quick pace but promote systematic approach;
  • Organizations that are in a great demand for new formats and changes.

If you are eager to bring your organization to the sustainable level and comprehensive solution of the problems, send your motivation essay to e-mail [email protected] (specifying ‘Agile‘) within 28 August 2017, until 12.00.

We will announce winners within 29 August 2017, until 18.00.



First day – September 4, 9:30 - 18:30.

1. Discussion of key trends in the charity sector.

2. Overview of flexible development differences and advantages (including for application in your charitable projects), insight into key branches of Agile philosophy, participation in practical workshops.

Second day – September 5, 9:00 - 18:30.

Dealing with tools for creating vision of the project/prioritization of the goals, preparing for creation of change strategy in your organization.

2 days of cooperation with the best professionals in the field of change management in the organizations/ strategizing their activities.

In addition, we will compile a map of the sector trends.