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Main findings of participation in the AidExpo international exhibition


What is AidExpo? It is an international platform for the humanitarian organizations.

Within the framework of this event, there is an opportunity of networking with colleagues in the sector, learning about innovations and trends, sharing knowledge and experience.

Who were the participants? They were the representatives of the NGO sector, policy makers in the sphere of aid, suppliers of innovative products enabling to improve the efficiency of providing aid, for example, insulated tents for accommodating people, canned food with a high content of substances necessary for the human body, water purification systems.

What were the well-remembered and the most impressive things?

  1. In its activity Rinat Akhmetov Foundation is guided by the leading principles and policies, which is extremely important since we live in a global world. It is vital to comply with the best world practices and set trends in your country.
  2.  The most important standards in humanitarian aid, according to Europeans are:
  • meeting the needs;
  • efficiency and promptness;
  • constant communication with the beneficiaries;
  • informing beneficiaries (reporting main news, consulting);
  • sharing information with other representatives of the sector so that the aid is not duplicated.
  1. The most memorable thing is that not only practical cases, but also large communication projects were presented. For example, the European Union funded the collection of stories about people affected by various conflicts in Africa and Asia. Bloggers-journalists told their stories, how they survived, what plans they are making for the future. In Ukraine, the “Donbas and Civilians” project is also unique in its own way and is a further evidence that the Foundation is at the forefront, among the best ones.