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More than 9 million survival kits are issued to Donbas civilians by Rinat Akhmetov Humanitarian Center


9,040,000 food packages have been issued to Donbas civilians by Rinat Akhmetov Humanitarian Center during the entire period of its operation. The process of humanitarian aid provision and the plans for food delivery in August were described during the press briefing in 'Ukrainski Novyny' information agency by Rimma Fil, the Humanitarian Center's Coordinator.

To maintain the required food stock at the issuing points, the Center sends 10-12 trucks convoys to Donbas per month. Over the entire operation period there were 228 of these convoys and 5,247 heavy-duty trucks. The total amount of delivered food is 105,000 tons.

"As of today, the Humanitarian Center issued 9,040,000 food packages to Donbas civilians of the most vulnerable categories. Packages are issued on both sides of the contact line. Often this food remains the only source of survival for people. To maintain this rhythm of work the Center operates as a clockwork mechanism. Every month our packages are received by 400,000 people. During almost two years of Rinat Akhmetov Humanitarian Center's operation more than one million lives were saved. These are our aid recipients from all of our activity directions", ‒ Rimma Fil, the Center's Coordinator, shared.

In July the Humanitarian Center delivered about 360,000 adult and children packages to logistic warehouses of Donetsk and Mariupol and sent 11 truck convoys. The Center does everything possible for people to get help on time and with the maximum comfort for them. There are 38 fixed issuing points operating on both sides of the contact line. Lonely elderly and disabled people have their food packages delivered to their homes by mobile volunteers.

Assistance in the "grey zone" remains one of the key focus aspects in Rinat Akhmetov Humanitarian Center's operation. During the last few weeks the contact line observes frequent shelling. Despite the situation, the Center's mobile teams continue taking trips to the contact line villages and remote settlements. As of today they took 253 trips and issued more than 176,000 packages. The volunteers visit the settlements with the highest demand for food. In July they visited Buhas, Karlivka, Pavlopil, Kirove, Artemove, Hranitne and Chermalyk.

"In August 2016 Rinat Akhmetov Humanitarian Center will continue delivering humanitarian aid to the most vulnerable categories of the population. It is planned to send more than 210 twenty-ton trucks with food to Donetsk and Mariupol. They will be used to form 401,500 adult and children survival kits. The first convoy in August will leave for Mariupol in on the 1st of August", ‒ Rimma Fil says.   

Mobile teams are planning to deliver humanitarian aid to 15,000 residents of remote settlements and "grey zone" of Donetsk region. They will visit Mayorsk, Zhovanka, Kurdiumivka, Netailove, Novotroitske, Kodema and several dozens of other settlements. A detailed schedule of mobile teams' trips in August can be shortly found on the Humanitarian Center's website.