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Over 3000 food packages are delivered to the homes of retired and disabled people of Donetsk by mobile volunteer groups of Rinat Akhmetov's Humanitarian Center


During four months of operation (from October 2014 to February 2015) the mobile groups of volunteers from Humanitarian Center delivered over 3 000 food packages to the homes of retired and disabled people of Donetsk, who could not come to the issue points for health reasons.  

For many senior people, who are staying in Donetsk, this is the only source of living in view of activated military actions and non-paid pensions. Among the applicants there are many retired and disabled people, who are left without support of their relatives and cannot leave the house for health reasons. The volunteers contact each applicant over the phone, provide information on aid issue points and find out, whether their relatives or neighbours can pick up their packages and present the required documents. The rest of people come themselves, risking their own safety during the shelling of their city.

In January the volunteers delivered over 250 food packages to retired and disabled people from Donetsk. Some of them are visited by the volunteers not for the first time. "I would like to emphasise that some of our applicants were waiting for additional delivery after receiving humanitarian aid in early January. During their meetings with volunteers, many of them cried and thanked us for the renewed address deliveries despite the shelling, - Angela Sumrava, the Coordinator for mobile volunteer groups of Humanitarian Center, says. – For many elderly residents of Donetsk our volunteers became as close, as family members.  Some senior people are asking not to come to them in case of shelling. They are very distressed for our employees, and not only for them. For example, a retired woman asked to pass her food package to Donetsk hospital, which is hosting the victims of shelling in Bosse district that took place on January 22".

There are three mobile groups that deliver humanitarian aid in Donetsk. In the absence of shelling one mobile group manages to deliver up to 100 food packages per day, and therefore save the lives of elderly Donetsk residents.