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A gift for special children


A school for children with special needs 'Mosaic' has brought 12 children, including two IDPs from Donbas, into the fold. All these children have an opportunity to get education and integrate into society. Upon the request of children, Rinat Akhmetov Humanitarian Center purchased a TV for the school. 

"Over a month ago our children wrote a letter to Christmas Angel. Milana wrote a request for a TV set to use it at classes and watch cartoons during the breaks. I was thinking whom I should pass this request to, I addressed different companies, but there was no response. When watching the Humanitarian Center's news summary and seeing how much they help people, I decided to pass the letter to Rinat Akhmetov. The letter reached the addressee, and as a result our children are happy! This is such a miracle!" ‒ Kseniya Karbovska, the school founder, shares.

Kseniya is well aware, how important it is to support children who need special care or parental warmth. Several years ago the family of Karbovsky became the loving parents of little Bohdan, who was adopted via 'Say No to Orphanhood' portal.

And the author of the letter requesting for help was a young student Milana – a little IDP from Luhansk. "Milana's request was passed to the Humanitarian Center, and Rinat Akhmetov ordered to render this assistance. The school, providing education and development for children with special needs, including IDPs, is extremely important, because these children have limited possibilities to get social adaptation and live their life full. We got to know about 'Mosaic' school and the family that organized all this. Their work inspires to help children and adults, all those who found themselves in difficult life circumstances", ‒ Oleksandr Vyshniakov, Director of Rinat Akhmetov Humanitarian Center, shared.