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To hear the world: how to receive assistance for treatment of children's hearing?


Four children out of a thousand are born in Ukraine with hearing loss. As a consequence, there are great problems with speech development, it is difficult for these children to adapt to society. Nastenka had a congenital hearing loss, so she did not talk until she was five.


She could hear, but only the rumble of shells, from which she woke up at night and cried, when they were shooting at Slovyansk. Doctors said that the child urgently need earpieces, and delay could deprive the baby of a fulfilling life. Nastya's mother, who brings up two children alone, had no money for the treatment of her daughter.


"I used to ask everywhere: various public organizations, foundations. The only one who responded is the Rinat Akhmetov Center", says Victoria, Nastya's mother. "I called the hotline and asked for help. When they told me that the Humanitarian Center would help Nastenka, I cried. There were the tears of joy, because I did not even dream that my child would ever be able to hear well".


When the girl was fitted with earpieces, she heard her mother's voice for the first time in five years, and soon she recited poems without stopping. Now her life is a constant work on improving herself. Now Nastya is studying in the first grade of the secondary school, she is active and very sociable, she is constantly called to answer at lessons.


Success in speech inspired the child to engage in rhythmic gymnastics. High-quality earpieces help the

girl hear the music and instructions of the coach. Nastenka is very hardworking, she takes prize-winning places in every competition and she will achieve great success in her life, in which both teachers and mother of the girl are sure.


"I would really like to thank Rinat Akhmetov for the opportunity for my daughter to live a fulfilling life, for the help that his Center provided in purchase of earpieces," says Victoria, Nastya's mother. "And in general, thanks for all the help that  provides to the children who do not hear well and who are sick. Thanks for helping children, for whom such help is the last hope".


Thanks to the "Targeted Assistance" program of Rinat Akhmetov Center, more than 11 thousand people received assistance for treatment, more than 5.4 thousand of which are children.


Hearing aid for children: how to receive aid?


Families, which fall into the following categories, may apply for assistance:


  • Large or incomplete families; family-type orphanages, orphans and foster children; families with more than one severely ill child; families consisting of two or more disabled people.
  • Children with newly discovered hearing impairment aged under 5 years.
  • Displaced families or families living in the territory of Donetsk and Luhansk regions.

How to apply for assistance?

An application for hearing aid should be left on the hotline of the Humanitarian Center 0-800-509-001 or via the e-mail [email protected].