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Peaceful summer for 2,800 Donbas children. Rinat Akhmetov Humanitarian Center has completed its summer health-improving program


The program of Rinat Akhmetov Humanitarian Center called "Peaceful summer for Donbas children" has come to an end. Thanks to this program 2,800 children have rested and improved their health, they also had a chance to forget about war and get distracted from the experienced stress.

600 children improved their health in Fakel summer camp in Berdiansk. The camp hosted children both from non-government-controlled areas of Donbas and IDPs from government-controlled territory.

During their stay in the camp children found new friends and expanded their social circle. They had professional teachers and counsellors working with them, as well as Humanitarian Center's psychologists. The kids also had an active and various leisure time organized for them: relax on the beach, master classes and sports clubs, discos, games, city tour and sea excursion on the "pirate" ship. Children were choosing the most pleasant and interesting entertainment themselves.

And 2,200 children, who live in ATO area and cannot leave for vacation to the peaceful territories, were spending their vacations in summer centres of Rinat Akhmetov Humanitarian Center that were opened in four towns: Donetsk, Yenakiieve, Komsomolske and Khartsyzk.

The summer centres have also prepared an interesting and varied program for kids: talent contests, literary circles, dancing flash mobs, sports events and master classes. The centres also had psychologists, who were holding individual and group classes for children. Besides, children were taught the rules of behaviour in emergency situations.

"We are grateful to the sponsors and workers of the children centre for giving an opportunity for children to spend their free time well-organized. Teachers and counsellors are friendly, responsive and paying much attention to children. Children are very happy!", – Natalya Chumak-Zhun from Yenakiieve, mother of a girl who rested in the local summer centre, shares.

All children who spent their vacations in the camp or summer centres really enjoyed this kind of leisure. They found new friends, learned a lot and had fun.

"I loved our counsellors, they were so cool and fun, they understood us so well. We became good friends. Every day we went bathing in the sea, played different games, went to listen to organ music, we really liked it. We found many friends here. I enjoyed the whole vacations and I would like to come here again", - 12-year-old Arina Naboka from Marinka, who spent her vacation is Berdiansk, shared.