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Mobile volunteer teams will deliver humanitarian aid to 45 villages and settlements of the “grey zone”


In February Rinat Akhmetov Humanitarian Center will issue more than 17,000 “survival kits” in the “grey zone”.  Donbas civilians will be able to get the products in fixed distribution centers. Mobile teams from Mariupol will also set out to deliver humanitarian aid to 45 villages and settlements that most suffered during the hostilities.

“People living there complain that it is almost impossible to find a job now, it is very difficult to call an ambulance,” Mykhailo Katerynchak, the Head of “Humanitarian Aid” direction of the Center, said.  “For example, Peski settlement of Yasynuvata district. Now this is an empty village, where works nothing at all. Only 12 people live there. They are brought water and gas in cylinders, and that's all. The Humanitarian Center helps with the products. In Hnutovo village people go on foot from the uncontrolled territories – elderly and disabled people cross the demarcation line to get their survival kits. We will visit Sviatohirsk, where there are a lot of disabled internally displaced persons now. In February 17 220 product packages will be issued overall, more than 9 thousand of them will be delivered by mobile volunteers”.

According to the UN, there are more than two hundred thousand civilians living along the demarcation line. Most of them are in dire need of products. For many locals from the “grey zone” Rinat Akhmetov Humanitarian Center’s product packages are the only way to avoid hunger.

The Center has established 25 fixed distribution centers in the conflict zone. This format of survival kits delivery by mobile teams allows to provide assistance where there is no possibility to open fixed distribution centers. Over the time, about 12 million product packages have been issued.

Contact the Center hotline to find out the detailed information on receiving assistance: 0-800-509-001.

The following is a schedule of the mobile delivery teams on-site visits in February 2018.

Arrival date

Town, district (Donetsk region)

Satellite, village, settlement, for which the assistance is provided

Address of food packages issue



Yasynuvata district

Netailove, Netailove, Pivnichnyi, Peski, Opytne, Vodiane

Netailove,  Bezkorovaina 2;

Netailove, Tsentralna;

Pivnichnyi,  Tsentralna 30;

Peski,  Olympiiska and Stepova;

Opytne,  Naukova 21 and Druzhby;

Vodiane,  Yuvileina 21



Volnovakha district

Hnutovo, Pavlopil,

Pyshchevyk, Chernenko

Hnutovo, Tsentralna 25;

Pavlopil, Syvukhina 77;

Pyshchevyk, Armiiska 1;

Chernenko, Dachna 14



Volnovakha district

Berdianske (incl. Vodiane),

Berdianske, Sopyne, Pionerske, Prymorske

Berdianske, Tsentralna 24 (former Radianska);

Berdianske, Morska 11-А;

Sopyne, Azovska 4;

Pionerske, Naberezhna 24;

Prymorske, Shkilna 37-А



Volnovakha district

Andriivka, Druzhne, Bakhchevyk, Obilne

Andriivka, Myru 1;

Bakhchevyk, Tsentralna 5



Mariinka district

Novomykhailivka, Paraskoviivka, Slavne, Zoriane, Zhelanne 1 and 2,


Novomykhailivka, Tsentralna 64;

Paraskoviivka, Zarichna 25;

Slavne, Traktova 2;

Zoriane, Myru 3



Sloviansk district


Sviatohirsk, Ostrovskoho 9



Volnovakha district

Buhas, Lisne, Polne, Pivdennodonbaska of the Olhinskyi Council

Buhas, Tsentralna 35 (former Radianska);

Lisne, Myru 7;

Polne, Sadova 1;

Pivdennodonbaska station 1



Volnovakha district


Novotroitske, Komsomolskyi, cultural centre “Horniak”



Volnovakha district


Novotroitske, Poktovskoho 148



Mariinka district


Mariinka, Druzhby 29



Mariinka district


Mariinka, Druzhby 29



Yasynuvata district

Umanske, Orlovka, Kamianka, Vesele, Lastochkyne, Tonenke, Semenivka, Berdychi, Petrovske

Umanske, Soniachna (former Sverdlova);

Orlovka, Yelahina 37;

Lastochkyne – shop; Tonenke – shop;

Semenivka, Tsentralna 50; Berdychi, Myru 30



Mariinka district

Heorhiivka, Maksymilianivka

Heorhiivka, Tsentralna 5;

Maksymilianivka, Tsentralna 100