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When multidrug-resistant tuberculosis occurs?



Multidrug-resistant (refractory to at least two major TB drugs: isoniazid and rifampicin) TB is a dangerous form of tuberculosis bringing complicated process and period of treatment.

One of the reasons for its occurrence is an interruption of treatment. Sometimes it is due to lack of drugs in stock. But, mostly, patients themselves have low adherence to treatment. The other reason is inadequate treatment regimen prescribed by a doctor.


But it is important to know that period of treatment for sensitive TB takes 6 months and costs about 315 UAH (implying cost of TB drugs). While MDR-TB treatment course constitutes 20 to 36 months and its price vary between 35,000 and 800,000 UAH depending on the resistance pattern (i.e. resistance profile of Mycobacterium tuberculosis).