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The Humanitarian Center helps children who became victims of the explosion in Krasnohorivka



The treatment in the best sanatoriums of Ukraine under the programme “Rehabilitation of injured children” will be given to children who suffered from the explosion in Krasnohorivka, Donetsk region. Assistance will be provided by Rinat Akhmetov Humanitarian Center. It has already provided the injured children with medications right after the accident.

It happened in early February. The four guys decided to dismantle an unfamiliar object found on the street, at home. The finding turned out to be a detonator of an explosive device. It exploded in the hands of 9-year-old Sasha.

Now the boy is in Liman hospital. According to doctors, he is quite well, he is already getting out of bed. Physicians are trying to heal the wounds on his injured hand, which can take a long time. After that a prosthesis will be mounted. Sasha’s treatment takes a lot of medications, because even the dressing is done under anaesthesia.

 “For Sasha’s treatment, the Humanitarian Center delivered all the necessary medications to Liman hospital,” Iryna Temerko, the head of “Targeted Assistance” programme, said. “Another victim, a three-year-old Sofia, is now in Dnipro hospital. She had already been transferred from intensive care unit to an ordinary ward. In the near future, the girl will undergo another plastic surgery. We keep monitoring the health condition of the affected children and helping with their rehabilitation.”

During the explosion there were also two older girls in the room – the doctors removed several fragments from Sasha’s sister Iryna’s back, and Karina was diagnosed with concussion.

Within “Rehabilitation of the injured children” project, 71 children underwent a course of rehabilitation treatment in the sanatoriums of Ukraine. 9 children received technical means of rehabilitation and medications.