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Humanitarian situation in the conflict area


Rinat Akhmetov directed all the necessary resources to rescue civilians in the settlements of active hostilities. This was announced today during the briefing at Ukrainski Novyny"information agency by Rimma Fil, the Humanitarian Center's Coordinator.       

"Due to the escalated situation, Rinat Akhmetov set a goal for us –  to prevent humanitarian catastrophe and help civilian population to survive. The situation calls for unification of all efforts to help on the front line.  Through joint efforts of the Humanitarian Center, Metinvest and DTEK we provide prompt assistance, which people really need, to prevent humanitarian catastrophe", – Rimma Fil announced.         

The Humanitarian Center. Urgent assistance  

Rinat Akhmetov Humanitarian Center has already delivered 10 tons of food to Avdiivka for local civilians. There are cereals, pasta, pate, peas, sunflower oil, sugar, tea, coffee, water and disposable tableware for the Ministry of Emergency Situations to organize hot meals. Another batch of food packages is sent by Rinat Akhmetov Humanitarian Center to Bakhmut and Sloviansk raions for civilians that have been evacuated from the conflict zone (according to the latest data there are 800 people staying there).      

The Humanitarian Center. Systemic work

Along with providing emergency assistance, the Center continues making regular deliveries of survival kits to Donbas. Yesterday humanitarian convoy delivered food to Donetsk. This morning one more convoy was sent to Mariupol – for further deliveries to residents of the contact line. Due to the shelling, one third of aid distribution points in Donetsk suspended their work, the rest switched to operation in emergency situation.     

There are reports about injured civilians coming every day. According to our preliminary data, at least 18 civilians were injured in Avdiivka, Makiivka, Donetsk and Marinka since January 29. Over the last two days five civilians were injured only in Avdiivka. One of them is on outpatient treatment, two more people are staying in hospital in Dnipro. The information on two more victims is being found out. The Center is ready to provide help with treatment to all civilians who suffered due to the conflict escalation.


Since January 29 and till the present moment the last two transmission lines in Makiivka are out of action, one of them feeds power to Avdiivka, the other one – Avdiivka and Donetsk filter plant.

Since that time, Avdiivka, Avdiivka Coke and Chemical Plant and Donetsk filter plant are completely de-energized. There is no electricity, heating and water supply in the town. Donetsk filter plant supplies water not only for 16,000 residents of Avdiivka, but also to a part of Donetsk, Yasynuvata and residents of Krasnohorivka, Verkhniotoretske, Vasylivka and Spartak.

"At 12:04 today we were permitted to start the works, we were given a "green corridor". 30 minutes ago the first three DTEK brigades went to the site to check all the damages. But I fear two things: we still don't know the volume of damages, and they can be significant. Also, there is a possibility of unauthorized violation of the "green corridor". I really hope that the terms of the ceasefire will not be violated. And we'll be able to do all the necessary work to restore power supply of the plant and the town. Repair works will last till the end of daylight hours at the best case. If we do not restore it today, we will surely do it tomorrow", – Ihor Maslov, Director of electricity distribution at "DTEK Energo", said.



Avdiivka Coke and Chemical Works (AKKhZ), which belongs to Metinvest Group, is located on the contact line and constantly suffers shelling since the conflict outbreak. Its shutdown can lead to humanitarian catastrophe in the town. After the recent attacks that have damaged the power lines, the enterprise is de-energized and in the state of hot conservation. If the batteries fail to maintain the required temperature, it won't be possible to restart them again.

"We have gone through severe times, the enterprise was de-energized at the temperature of -20C. To supply heat to Avdiivka and not defrost the town's heating system, we had to make conservation of three batteries – 6,7 and 8, having reduced coke production by three times. But if we didn't do it, then, according to the calculations of power engineers, the system would have frozen in six hours since the moment of heat outage. The town does not exist without the plant, and the plant does not exist without the town. This is a unified system, unified water and power supply. That is why we make all the efforts to preserve the operation of our plant. But we wouldn't succeed on our own. The call of Rinat Akhmetov to help Avdiivka was heard immediately. When the situation is escalated, all assets promptly offer their help. Now we are purchasing materials to restore the destructions", – Musa Magomedov, General Director at Avdiivka Coke, shared.  

The town and the enterprise are connected with each other by all communications, including even the sewers. In case AKKhZ stops completely, the heating of apartment buildings in Avdiivka will be at threat.