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The schedule of mobile teams' trips in August: food will be delivered to 51 settlements


In August the mobile teams of the Rinat Akhmetov Humanitarian Center will visit 51 settlements in the "grey zone". These are villages and settlements in the frontline area that suffered from hostilities the most – stores and pharmacies are not working there, they have constant problems with electricity, connection and water supply. During three years the Humanitarian Center has been continuously helping the most vulnerable categories of the population, i.e. elderly and disabled people, children and large families.

"There are 25 fixed issuing points operating in the armed conflict area in the East of Ukraine, but they are not enough to support civilians along the contact line. Therefore, the humanitarian aid to remote settlements, the so-called "grey zone", is delivered by mobile teams of volunteers. For many people on these territories our food packages are the only source of survival.  Altogether the mobile teams will distribute about 11,000 survival kits in August", – Mykhailo Katerynchak, the Head of "Assistance to the Population" program of the Humanitarian Center, shares.

Over the entire period of its operation Rinat Akhmetov Humanitarian Center issued 11,829,000 survival kits on both sides of the contact line. The Center's mobile teams started their operation in May 2015. This format of food package delivery makes it possible to help in the places, where it is impossible to open fixed issuing points.

More details about humanitarian aid issuance can be found via the Humanitarian Center's hotline: 0-800-509-001.

The schedules of mobile volunteers' visits in August 2017 are the following:

Arrival date

Town, raion (Donetsk region)

Satellite settlement, village or a small town the aid is issued for

Address of issuance


Volnovakha raion

Myrne, Kelerivka, Kyrylivka, Pryovrazhne, Vodiane

6, Tsentralna str., Myrne;

3a, Tsentralna str., Vodiane;

1, Myru str., Kyrylivka; 7, Vyshneva str., Pryovrazhne; 

15, Svobody str., Kelerivka


Marinka raion

Berezove, Solodke, Vodiane, Stepne, Taramchuk

1a, Naberezhna str., Berezove;

Veteraniv str., Solodke;

Proletarska str., Vodiane;

2a, Enerhetykiv str., Stepne


Yasynuvata raion

Netailove, Nevelske, Sievernyi, Pisky, Opytne, Vodiane

2, Bezkorovaina str., Netailove;

Tsentralna str., Nevelske;

30, Tsentralna str., Sievernyi;

21, Yuvileina str., Vodiane;

21, Naukova str. and Druzhby str., Opytne; Pisky, Olimpiiska and Stepna str.


Marinka raion

Novomykhailivka, Paraskoviivka, Slavne,  Zoriane,  Zhelanne 1 and 2,  Oleksandropil

64, Tsentralna str., Novomykhailivka;

25, Zarichna str., Paraskoviivka;

2, Traktova str., Slavne;

3, Myru str., Zoriane


Bakhmut raion

 Zaitseve 2 (Bakhmutka, Pisky 2, Zhovanka, Mayorsk); Kurdiumivka (Toretsk)

Tsentralna str., Bakhmutka;

68, Manuilskoho str., Zhovanka;

7/1 Kiltseva str., Mayorsk; Kurdiumivka, railway station


Toretsk satelltes

Shcherbynivka, Petrivske

33a, Vyshneva str., Shcherbynivka

Zalizne, Pivdenne

14, Pioneriv str., Zalizne; Chernyshevskoho str. (near the store), Pivdenne


Bakhmut raion

Odradivka, Dacha, Mykolaivka 1 and 2, Kodema, Novoluhanske

2, Zelena str., Odradivka;

69, Sovetska str., Kodema;

38, Pervomaiska str., Novoluhanske


7, Artema str., Luhanske                           


Volnovakha raion

Hnutove, Pavlopil, Pishchovyk, Chernenko

25, Tsentralna str., Hnutove;

77, Syvukhina str., Pavlopil;

1, Armiiska str., Pishchovyk;

14, Dachna str., Chernenko;




Pivdennyi district (school #2), Pokrovsk