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Rinat Akhmetov Foundation conducts the first training for mentors


There was a three-day training held in Sviatohirsk to train potential mentors for orphans and children deprived of parental care, who are staying in orphanages. The training was organized by Rinat Akhmetov Foundation as part of "Mentorship" program.

The training was attended by 11 future mentors from Sviatohirsk, Sloviansk, Druzhkivka and Dnipro (Dnipropetrovsk). The project trainers told them about the system for orphan protection, about the role of mentor in the child's life, peculiarities of ‘mentor-foster child’ interaction and mentors' resources.

"The goal of this training is a comprehensive preparation of mentors, so that they could be useful in the future lives of orphans, contributed to their socialization, career guidance and education", – Viktoriia Chahalian, the Manager of "Mentorship" project, shared.

After the training, participants mentioned that it helped them to understand, what’s the right way of building relations with a child and how to find a way out of difficult situations.

"Thanks for the information and knowledge. During the training it became obvious that we would have many difficulties, but there would be ways to solve them. And I am ready to overcome them together with the project team", – Iryna Hashchyna emphasized.

"The training helped me to realize my own mistakes in child-rearing. I felt and understood the feelings that child has, when you are not heard and not understood", – Vitalii Bulavenko said.

"Thanks to interactive forms of training we saw the opportunities and resources to work with the life situations of children. The coaches were there to assist in finding the right solutions", – Anastasiia Omelchenko assured.

The second training like this will be held in Mariupol through August 26-28. The training of potential mentors in Kyiv will take place through September 2-4.

"Mentorship" project of Rinat Akhmetov Foundation was launched in 2016. Its main goal is helping orphans to get ready to the independent life after leaving the orphanage. Development of their potential, determination of life goals, formation of human relations, cultural and moral values with participation of a mentor - an adult with life experience, who is willing to teach a child.