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Rinat Akhmetov Foundation equips the TB laboratory in Selidovo town


The equipping of the lab department for TB diagnosis has been completed in the central district hospital of Selidovo town. The equipment of medical institutions was conducted within the project “Optimization of a laboratory network for the TB diagnosis in the Donetsk region” by Rinat Akhmetov Foundation for “Development of Ukraine”.


Obsolete and worn-out equipment that was installed in the hospital before the upgrade was the reason for the low detection rate of TB in the service area of Selidovо hospital (3.7% at a normal rate of 5%).

“TB diagnosis in Selidovo hospital was performed on the old equipment installed in the Soviet times. Both the quality of TB diagnosis and the safety of medical staff dealing with sputum of patients were poor. With the installation of new equipment these risks are minimized”, said Vladyslav Denysenko, manager for the TB detection, diagnosis and treatment at Rinat Akhmetov Foundation for “Development of Ukraine”.


The cost for equipping the department reached ​​80,000 UAH.The hospital was installed with lab equipment necessary to conduct qualitative diagnosis: a microscope, aqua distiller, sterilizer, laboratory scales, thermal containers, laboratory furniture, bactericidal irradiator, coolers, containers for disinfection. Also, the supplies, such as glasses for microscopy, sputum containers, racks, sets for color slides, masks and other were purchased.


We should recall that for the past two years, the Foundation has purchased equipment for the TB diagnosis for the Donetsk city (6 hospitals), Kramatorsk (2 hospitals), Snizhne and the central district hospital in Volnovakha town.

In 2014, the project will equip hospitals in Yasinovata and Yenakievo towns of Donetsk region.