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«There are no borders for friendship!» — the results of the first shift of «Peaceful Summer for Donbas Children» project


July 22 marked the end of the first shift of "Peaceful Summer for Donbas Children" project of the Rinat Akhmetov Humanitarian Center. 200 boys and girls, living in non-government-controlled areas of Donbas and on the contact line, had a good rest in Sviatohirsk summer camp "Soniachnyi" in Donetsk region. Parents say that this vacation was very useful for children.

"Our child had a good time, found many friends. Our daughter just came back from the camp, but she's already corresponding with new friends – they are planning vacation for the next year, they want to meet all together again, – Olena from Donetsk shares.– Her new friends are not only from Donetsk, but also kids from Kramatorsk and Horlivka. There are no borders and demarcation lines for friendship! Thanks to the Rinat Akhmetov Humanitarian Center "Soniachnyi" summer camp united many children. We are really thankful that our girl could rest and improve her health. I hardly recognized my rested and refreshed child. She even started drinking yoghurt that she couldn't stand before!".

Children never got bored in the camp – they had a very busy schedule every day. Sports games and entertainment walks, dancing and an open-air cinema are only an approximate plan for one day. Delicious and balanced five meals a day. Children had the Humanitarian Center's psychologists, trained in the 'War Trauma' course, working with them on a permanent basis. The specialists conducted classes aimed at stabilization and improvement of psychoemotional condition, reduction of anxiety and development of communication skills.

"I really loved everything, the camp counsellors were very cool. The food was good, nectarines were especially delicious. In the camp I met my the psychologist I used to attend at Donbas Arena. We were drawing and battling our fears. I was even taught a special breathing technique that helps to relax and calm down", – 12-year-old Dasha shares her impressions.

This kind of vacation is really important for children who personally experienced shelling and saw destructions. This is said by Andrii Khvorostianko, program and project manager of the Rinat Akhmetov Humanitarian Center.

"Peaceful Summer for Donbas Children" project is being implemented for kids living in the armed conflict areas of Donbas. It is very important for them to rest in the quiet, peaceful and friendly environment, get a chance to communicate not only with other kids, but also with grown-ups who can understand and support them. We invited psychologists, who help them to cope with stress and overcome their fears. Peaceful Summer is continuing for children in the camps located on the sea coast. This year 500 children will visit the best summer camps. Over the entire project implementation period about 3,000 children rested and improved their health in summer camps", – Khvorostianko summarized.