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War-effected children: Humanitarian Centre helped ten-year-old Dasha return to a healthy life


Since the beginning of the military conflict in Donbas, according to UNICEF, more than two hundred children was injured by shells and mines. The war continues, and the number of victims continues to grow.

Two years ago, misfortune overtook ten-year-old Dasha from Bakhmut. Dozens of shells bursted on the outskirts of her hometown when a girl and a classmate were returning home from school. The children got to the epicentre of the shelling. Because of injuries, Daria’s classmate was killed, and she was taken to the hospital with numerous injuries of arms, legs and back.

The girl suffered serious injuries and needed a long recovery course. The Rinat Akhmetov Humanitarian Centre helped Dasha to return to a healthy life,  under the project "Rehabilitation of Injured Children".

"Dasha underwent the rehabilitation course. Her back almost stopped hurting. And she also learned to swim,"- said Olena Manukalova, Daria's mother.

The second summer in a row Daria comes to the sanatorium "Sloviansk resort". After many treatment procedures, the girl feels much better. Daria likes medical baths, massages and gymnastics most, and she also likes to rest at the lakeside very much, communicating with family and friends.

"Many thanks to Rinat Leonidovych! May God protect such people!"- Olena Manukalova shares her emotions.

The "Rehabilitation of Injured children" project started in March 2016. During this time, 76 children who were injured during the shellings underwent rehabilitation. Boys and girls from the zone of the hostilities of Donbas visited health resorts of Zaporizhzhia, Berdiansk and Sloviansk. Children come here with terrible diagnoses: concussion, shell fragment wounds, loss of limbs. For each patient, an individual treatment program is selected.

"The children are given individual means of rehabilitation: orthosis, prostheses and special shoes. For children who have been especially severely injured, there is an opportunity to undergo a rehabilitation course once again. The Rinat Akhmetov Centre does everything possible to help the children return to productive life, because their life is just beginning," said Oleksandr Vyshniakov, the director of the Rinat Akhmetov Humanitarian Centre.