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Digital for NGO. Basics of Internet promotion for non-governmental organizations. BLOG by Yuliia Bahrii, external communications manager of Rinat Akhmetov Foundation



Everything is getting digital. If you have no account on the Internet - you do not exist at all. This is an entire issue for everything - people, companies, organizations. Therefore, if you want to be heard and seen, go online! (I can not even believe that I still have to advise this in 2018).

NGOs often work with very limited budgets, and the digital site is the most successful solution for them. Here is the best price/efficiency ratio. Organizations can reach out to a multi-million audience with small budgets and even free of charge, thus bringing even greater benefit to society, helping even more people.

So, a few tips for those organizations that are ready for digitalization:

1.       Any work should be carried out by a professional. Digital is no exception. Do not entrust this work to anyone.

2.       Do not promote your organization in all the social networks of the world. Use only the sites where your targeted audience is.

3.       Play with shapes and formats. Internet is “rubber”, almost anything can be placed there. Do not limit yourself just to texts. Use photos, infographics, gifs and memes; videos and audio recordings.

4.       The content for the third sector should be particularly emotional, especially when it comes to charity and the salvation of people. Emotional stories, vivid photos, catchy phrases – all of this is your ‘must have’.

5.       Promotion is not a shame. Only trolls can criticize the social projects promotion. Fortunately, they are not numerous and not worthy of your attention. So, promote your good ideas for fundraising.

6.       Digital channels are not the same as TV and print media. The main difference is their interactivity. In the digital world, you can not speak monologues. It is always a dialogue or even a discussion. Be prepared for questions, comments, remarks and complaints. Never be silent in response to your subscribers’ appeals.

7.       Manuscripts do not burn. So do the Internet publications. Never forget this. Before publishing anything (even a short comment), make sure that it will not be used against you. Is this information true for 100%? Doesn’t it insult someone? Does it contradict the philosophy and goals of your organization?..

8.       If you are engaged in fundraising, set up electronic payment systems on your sites and place them in a prominent place. Do not be lazy to remind about the possibility of online payment in your news, articles and posts.

9.       Look for ideas and opportunities for creating viral content. For inspiration, check out such successful campaigns as #MannequinChallenge, #ForTheGirl и Ice Bucket challenge.

10.   Many sites offer free options for non-profit organizations. Use them!

One more bonus advice! You can doubt your knowledge, abilities and capabilities. You may wish to postpone the digitalization until later... when the time is more suitable/when you win a grant/hire new employees, etc. But do not do this. Be proactive. Do not wait for the right moment. Go digital today. The later you proceed, the later you will get the desired effect. Which means, you will do much less good and necessary things.