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Shelling near Volnovakha: a child miraculously survived


Yesterday, on June 14 at noon, Chermalyk settlement near Volnovakha suffered shelling. Due to direct hits of shells five houses of local civilians were damaged.

One of the residential houses that caught a direct hit had a 13-year-old child there.  "The shell exploded while Tania was watching TV. When she got off the bed, the blast wave threw her on the floor. My daughter miraculously survived", ‒ Tetiana Kostiantynivna, the girl's mother, shared.

Due to the explosion the girl got minor injuries and concussion. It has been reported that Tania is staying in Mariupol municipal hospital #9, where she's been provided with first aid. According to doctors, nothing threatens the child's life, and Tania doesn't need any medications. The specialists of Rinat Akhmetov Humanitarian Center promptly contacted the victim's family and offered help with the child's rehabilitation.

If you know anything about other cases of injured children, who need emergency medical care, we kindly ask you to call the hotline of Rinat Akhmetov Humanitarian Center: 0 800 509 001.